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Dec 6, 2009 09:03 AM

H&I Ribs in Conshohocken to be Andy's Diner

We were talking to our favorite waitress at the Blue Bell Diner this morning, who is going to work at Andy's when it opens. Target date is 1/1/10. The resto is owned by the same folks doing Blue Bell Diner. She doesn't know what the menu will be, however they have applied for a liquor license and there will be an omlette bar on Sundays.
That's all we got so far. If I find out more from her I'll post it. :)

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  1. That sounds fantastic -- I have been looking for a good 'greasy spoon' type diner for my late night indulgence and post-church Sunday morning meals for a while in the Conshy area. Hopefully this will fill the void!

    1. Any word on when this will be opening?

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      1. re: mkertello

        was supposed to be early january. i drove by about that time and there was NO way it was even close to ready. no sign outside either. will have to go to blue bell diner and get the scoop.

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          juju: How is the BB Diner? Went there one day after the dinefirst opened years ago and it was chaotic- never went back. Any thing that stands out with the food?

          1. re: Displaced California Foodie

            Not sure how many years ago you're talking about DCF, they've been through some owner changes since we moved to blue bell 5 years ago. we like the current ownership,and the staff is all very nice.

            BBD is fairly typical diner food. we go mostly for breakfast, and the soups. some of the dinner entrees are ok, the burgers are good. They've gotten panned on CH for the lack of fresh veggies and the dinner entrees, but they are always PACKED on weekend mornings. we usually go about 11 on Sundays because thats when they put the soup out, and we think they have great chicken noodle. i think we're going over tomorrow as a matter of fact. ;)

      2. We went to blue bell diner today for breakfast and asked about Andy's. Apparently there were some delays, but the menus come this week and they're starting to interview. projected opening date is now mid march.

        1. So I think this is open now, has anyone been?

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              I went there last night. I love diners, and was excited that this one has a liquor license. So I waited and waited for Andy's to open, hoping I'd never have to set foot in 401 again. My husband and I went with two friends, and were pleased to be seated right away, even though we requested to wait for a booth.

              One of our friends is a vegetarian, she ordered the veggie wrap. Our friend Andy went for the Pastichio (a Greek ziti dish with cream sauce), and my husband and I ordered burgers. Our server was really sweet, and the food came out in a timely fashion. We were happy so far.

              When our food came out, the burgers were missing their coleslaw and pickles, which the waitress was happy to get for us, no big deal. My husband's burger came with avocado, which was not sliced, just a big half of the fruit lumped on top. My burger was supposed to come with bacon, and did not. The burgers were made thin, so that they can be sped out of the kitchen, which is alright, I guess, but they were bigger than their buns, forcing you to get grease on your hands. Our vegetarian friend said her wrap was bland, and Andy's Pastichio did not come with cream sauce, as it traditionally does, even though it said it would on the menu. To top everything off, the Pastichio was completely cold in the middle. Not lukewarm. Cold.

              A manager just happened to come by and ask how everything was. I said nothing about the burgers, because they were edible, and I don't like to complain much, but we mentioned that they had come out incomplete, but had been fixed. Now Andy told him about his pasta dish. The manager offered to heat it up for him, but Andy said no, that he was finished eating. The manager asked "Well, will we see you again?" Our friend said, "No, probably not" and the manager walked away. What a way to start a new business! I am not one to ask for free food, but the manager did not even comp Andy's meal. I was completely appalled by that. I honestly will give Andy's another try, for breakfast food, and I'll let you all know how that goes, but so far, this is NOT the diner Conshy was waiting for.

              1. re: soycocinera

                We went there yesterday afternoon also and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt since they just opened. I'll admit though that we never order anything but breakfast food at a diner and it was ok, nothing out of the ordinary. I did think the prices were a little on the high side. Not that I really care but my wife pointed out how nutso the decor was...obviously someone in the family is in the marble business.