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Dec 6, 2009 08:56 AM

Otolith seafood shares?

Has anyone had any experience with the Otolith CSS (community sponsored seafood) shares, or with their seafood (store in Fishtown)? (

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  1. I have not done the CSS but I do get seafood from them regularly, usually salmon (both regular and smoked) and Sable/Black cod. I have also had razor clams. They were on Girard Ave but have moved to Huntingdon St, and if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't think it was a store - they still have lots of renovating to do on the property - but that doesn't effect the quality of the fish, which has always been delightful. I think their prices are competitive with similar retailers - I'm am not comparing them to Costco's frozen salmon bricks. Also, one of the partners is/was an Alaskan fisherman so they know many of the sources of their seafood first hand. I highly recommend giving them a try!

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      it's a husband and wife team - he's the fisherman and she's the scientist/activist. they are committed to sustainable seafood - and because you are buying in bulk with a css you are getting more value for your dollar.
      i'm working on a story on them....

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        Wonderful! We are very lucky to have them and they need to increase their visability! I thought it was great that they started going to the Headhouse Farmer's Market

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          just as an fyi -- they're trying to fill up their rockfish css and after that comes the halibut...

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            Otolith is great! I was part of the salmon CSS and just signed up for the Winter CSS which includs shrimp and Alaskan king crab legs. A lot of the fish is considered sushi grade so you can even eat it raw. The husband and wife are passionate about seafood and both give great cooking tips. I live close to the new location in Fishtown so the CSS pick ups are easy for me.

            I highly recommend the CSS since you are getting incredible seafood for a reasonable price. It's frozen so you don't have to eat it immediately. Much, much fresher than Wholefoods or Reading Terminal.

    2. Otolith is a great source for local seafood. I just heard that the owner, Amanda Boussard, is going to be a panelist after a showing of The End of the Line at the Ambler Theater on January 12. The movie starts at 7:30 and then after the movie Amanda will be part of a panel that will be taking questions about sustainable fishing from the audience.

      1. Thanks to this thread, we stopped by their "store" last month and signed up for the Rockfish CSS. While there we picked up some amazing spot prawns and a huge package of octopus. I'm really excited to support sustainable sourced seafood, and get really excellent product in the process.

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            What are the walk-in prices like?

            1. re: barryg

              I was tempted to "let me google that for you" but I'll just give you the link:

              The octopus is not on there, but I want to say it was much cheaper than anything else they had, for a lb of spot prawns and 3+lbs of octopus, I think we paid $30.

              1. re: urbanfabric

                Haha, I would have deserved that, thanks.

                1. re: barryg

                  I signed up for the Winter CSS and this weekend I'm picking up my freshly caught Alaskan prawns. I cannot wait to cook them up on the stove. You cannot get prawns this fresh and delicious any where else in the city!

          2. I took the plunge, and am looking forward to picking up my prawn share tomorrow, too.