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Dec 6, 2009 08:44 AM

Seahorse restaurant on is it?

Seahorse restaurant on is it?

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  1.'s o.k. Has a nice old Florida vibe if you sit outside on the patio overlooking the water. I'm not a breakfast person and that's what they specialize in..but their smoked fish spread melt is pretty good. If you're looking for better food, go to Sea Critters further north on Gulf Blvd for an interesting, varied menu (and killer conch fritters, tomato soup with lump crab or fantastic chopped salad) or Dockside Dave's for a great grouper sandwich (get the country fried..the crust is thin, light, crisp and lets the grouper flavor come through) or smoked fish spread appetizer.

    1. An old standby for great breakfasts.....view the the local who bring their tourist friends....a must (like Skyway Jacks on 34th St. St. Petersburg.......great over 35 yrs. l've never been disappointed. Eat inside or out.
      Ms. Danie Huizenga

      Skyway Jack's Restaurant
      2795 34th St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33711

      1. Loved their breakfast last year and plan a return visit.

        1. I think it is o.k. for breakfast and yes, has a good vibe. Skidders on St. Pete Beach is also very good with excellent service.