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Dec 6, 2009 08:12 AM

SE Michigan - Jaeger Schnitzel

I have what my grandparents would call a "Hankerin" for some Jaeger Schnitzel. I can find a few places that have it...but I would like to hear an endorsement of a location or two.

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  1. Also....I have never been to the Dakota Inn....

    Worth the trip?

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    1. re: JanPrimus

      RE: Dakota Inn...go more for the establishment, atmosphere, and people, as well as the beer. While I can't call myself a regular of the establishment, the food was only "okay". Nothing wrong with that, but I thought that the price of said food was relatively high, especially when comparing to, say, Polish Village Cafe down in Hamtramck. I actually prefer the food at PVC.

      That being said, go on a Friday night, and you'll walk out feeling better about the world. It's a community sing-in on that night, in a nice way. It may be in a lousy neighborhood, but they have security watching over the parking lot, an organist, a very clean and well-kept facility...I really wanted to like the food more than I did. Everything else about the place is really nice, except for the food-to-cost ratio!

      1. re: boagman

        Thank you sir....that is the exactly what I needed to hear...I do love me some PVC.

        Speaking of German places....did anyone here ever have the experience of eating out at Romanoff's just north of A2 on Pontiac Trail back when it was open? Sure it had Styrofoam plates and plastic eating utensils...but damn that buffet tasted good. I talked to his son after Roman passed away and there was some talk of using his recipes for another German restaurant....but I doubt that will ever go anywhere.

        A little side note that was neat for me is that "Roman" was stationed at the same place as I was in Ettlingen, Germany. Of course for him it was WW2 as a German soldier and it was the US Army's Desert Storm for me.

        1. re: JanPrimus

          Yeah, I used to go there all the time. I've been disappointed that it wasn't possible to keep the whole operation going. With its antique toy soldier shop and everything, it was a unique little corner.

          Don't know what to tell you about the Jägerschnitzel. I love German food, but the places around here are getting a bit tired. I would go to Heidelberg in downtown AA, but it's just OK. My last few meals at Metzger's have been disappointing. The closing of the Deutschen Eck in Frankenmuth was a real loss. One place I haven't been is Richter's in Dearborn.

          1. re: Jim M

            I was pretty disappointed by Richter's over a few visits. Food was under seasoned and the beer selection was pretty disappointing. It has been a few years but I do not see them as a place of rapid adjustment.

    2. Mediteran, a Bosnian restaurant on S. Washington Sq. in Lansing, has wonderful Jager Schnitzel regularly, often as lunch specials. The owners are authentics, and have opened a wonderful little oasis just a few moments walk from the Capitol Building. In addition to great entrees, the owners make delicious pastries. Here's the contact info: 333 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48913 (517) 372-1072

      1. Metzgers in A2 has it, but never had it there. Think Heidelberg might have it as well. Also Jacoby's in Detroit on Brush and Congress. Sorry no endorsements but would be interested in knowing about one or all of these.

        1. Metztger's definitely has it...was there for a mini-reunion with college friends in early fall --very congenial, warm service, good chow, massive portions --we really enjoyed ourselves and terrific beer. Not in the same place as when I went to UM, a mall now, but still very gemutlicheit...would recommend it.