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Dec 6, 2009 07:52 AM

New Years Eve Dinner

Looking for a low-key dinner where we (2, 35 year-old couples) can eat, drink and be merry - into the new year. Must haves: seafood, good champagne, not snooty. Location: will travel to Long Island, boroughs or NYC.

thanks for tips and advice.

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  1. Narrow it down a bit. What are you looking to spend?

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. In Park Slope, Brooklyn:
        I would recommend the following:
        Convivium-Osteria for a delicious mediterranean meal.
        Melt Restaurant for great modern American Food $55 per person.
        Palo Santo for Latin American, Carribean Food. $125 per person
        Happy New Year!

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          Any ideas in Bronx for New Years Eve?

        2. We've got a reservation at The Farm on Adderley in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn for the 9:30 seating. They're doing a prix fixe for $70. I think they said four courses. We're regulars there, so I don't know whether they cut us some slack, but we just made the reservation yesterday to sit at the bar, so it might still be possible to get in. The appeal for us (aside from the food, of course) was that it was close enough to home that we can walk there and back.