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Dec 6, 2009 07:27 AM

New Years Day Lunch

I will be in Paris over new year, will restaurants be open on new years day for lunch? I imagine a fair few will be shut but I particularly wanted to go to either Chez l'ami Jean or La Ferrandaise. Also, I would like to go to Angelinas for a hot chocolate, is this likely to be open? Any other new years day suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. CAJ will not only be closed on NYD, but during the whole holiday season, like most bistronomiques run by one chef only.

    1. Interesting you should ask, I was just figuring out where to eat meself;
      2009 Lao Lane Xang 2
      2008 l'Epigramme
      2007 the Bistro du Dome

      John talbott

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        I too will be looking for somewhere for NY day lunch or dinner so will keep my eyes peeled.

        I will be in Paris from the 27th Dec to 02nd Jan & whilst I have put some research into the places that I woud like to dine at throughout the week, I was going to book either closer to the time or even once I arrived as my intinerary is slightly loose. As souphie has advised above, that some places will be closed - I assume that there will still be a fair selection of places open? or would it be recomended to serch a little harder & have a hit list of place that are open perhaps there will be enough around for me to book a few days in advance?