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Dec 6, 2009 06:03 AM

Google map of all the Ethnic groceries / markets in the D.C. area

An earlier thread about ethnic markets in our area got me curious, so I used google's business listing and some off-hand knowledge to make a couple maps of the various ethnic groceries and markets in our area.

East Asian Groceries:
(Chinese, Korean, Japanese, SE Asian -Thai/Viet/Malay/Philippine/Burmese/Indonesian/etc)

South Asian/Middle Eastern:
(Indian, Arab, Persian, Afghan/Paki, etc)

(You can view both maps together, by opening one in the same tab as the first, and checking the title of each map in the lower left hand corner.)
the latter map is just budding. I found a long list online of Indian markets, but it looks old. If I don't get bored with this by tomorrow, I might call them and post the existing markets.


I think this is a cool idea. I'd never been to Great Wall in Merrifield and was pretty blown away (live bullfrogs?) I wouldn't have checked it out if I hadn't learned that it was on my way to work.

Anyway, it seems worthwhile to flesh out. I'm not on a quest though -- if you think its a good idea, help out. You can do that just by opening the map, putting you address into the map search bar (so that you can find your house), then zoom out and see if any of the shops in your area are missing (or if one of the listed stores has closed.) Leave a message here afterwards.

If this is popular, maybe it can expand to include reviews of places (stock size, prices, special/odd items, etc) and photos.
What do you think?

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    1. re: Russel Shank

      Excellent work, Russell! I will post reviews of the two I am most familiar with and I hope that this map gets the attention it deserves! H-Mart (Lee Hwy) and Great Wall (Gallows) are the two I use the most, tho I do use H-Mart much more now.

    2. I live in Reston and just found out a few days ago from my Vietnamese friend that she does all her shopping at Lotte Plaza in Chantilly. She says it is great. Can't wait to shop there. Please keep adding to the map.

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      1. re: mfrances

        I added the Lottes today. Are the shops listed on the map around you accurate?

      2. great list...a few possible additions for the middle eastern one....lebanese butcher market, iransara, yas bakery, gourmet basket, indian spices, mama lavash.

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        1. re: CoconutMilk

          cool, I'll add em. I haven't really given the middle eastern/indian map a real crack yet.

          Did you pull up both maps and see if the shops listed around you are accurate?

        2. Here are a few more you can add to the list:

          East Asian: Filipino Market & Cafe

          South Asian/ME:
          Hung Phat Asia Market
          Yas Cafe & Market
          Yekta Deli Imported Grocery
          Patel Brothers

          Ques: Do you intend to expand the list to include other markets? e.g. South American, European? etc.

          Also, I am not aware that Nava Thai Restaurant has a grocery component. Are you sure?

          Good job, so far.

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          1. re: comestibles

            You might consider letting users "edit" so others could add spots like the fabulous Sam's market on Rockville Pike.

            1. re: repete

              Yeah, that was my original intention. It doesn't keep a record of edits though, so I held off switching it to public editing (might sound paranoid/dumb, but if a market owner wanted, they could delete their competitors on the map w.o anyone realizing.)

              I'll probably switch it over so the public can edit tomorrow. Would you be interested in editing/helping on it? I'm looking for a way to combine the maps into one, with an option where you can hide/make visible each group with one click. The next maps would be Latin/South American, European/Gourmet, and African (the latter I've started.)

            2. re: comestibles

              Yeah. I'm trying to figure out how to get them all onto one map, with an option where you can hide/make visible each group with one click.

              Latin/South American, European/Gourmet, and African markets would be the other three.

              I was gonn check out Nava. Never been there, but their website says they began as a market, and that it is still "on the corner" or something to that effect.

              I meant to mention this earlier -- I'm gonna open it to public editing,, or put anyone interested on the "Collaborator" list. If you wanna do that (edit these or help start the others), let me know and I'll add you tomorrow.

              1. re: Russel Shank

                No need to combine them; people can just add them to My Maps in Google, and then turn them on/off as they wish.

              2. re: comestibles

                Nava Thai used to be located in Hung Phat. I think that's where that entry came from (if so, it does need to be changed).

                For Japanese, you can add Maruichi, 1047 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD

                1. re: Lori D

                  Thanks. It's updated.
                  That's a bummer about Fresh World. It's actually marked as two names on the map, Fresh World and El Grande (its old name.) I wonder if they'll sell and just change the signage like last time, or use Chapter 11 to reorganize.

              3. I literally woke up this morning wondering where there was an East Asian market near my new home. Wow. Thanks so much for compiling this. Glad to hear about Hana market especially.

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                1. re: sweetpotater

                  Sure. I've only been to a handful of them.

                  Hana is cool. It's where that Japan travel agency used to be "Travel by Airline, Boat, RocKet Ship.." Its tiny, mostly knick knack and packaged stuff (a couple refrigerated coolers w/ expensive produce) but the owner is really nice.

                  1. re: sweetpotater

                    Hey, not sure if you're into Hana for its location or Japanese stock, but if its the latter, check out Maruichi (1047 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD.) "Lori" memtioned it, and their website looks pretty cool -- bigger Japanese stock than Hana, and probably cheaper.