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Dec 6, 2009 05:41 AM

New Years eve in Quebec City

My wife and I are going to Quebec City for New Years eve, and we are looking for some sort of dinner/dancing/drinking/countdown sort of place ... any ideas ???


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    1. Hi there!
      My fiance and I had the same predicament! it seems not many parties are happening in QC city. I found 3 events that are a potential. There is a ball at the fairmont frontenac and i believe its over 250$ /person. there is a lovely dinner and bank/orchestra at L'Astral in the concorde hotel (this is a beautiful revolving restaurant at the top of the hotel), and the ticket for that is $170/person. what we decided was to go to Largo Resto-club which is a jazz bar, not heavily advertised. I spoke to the owner who was very hospitable over the phone and he has invited a jazz trio to play that night and he is preparing a special menu for the evening at $85/person. he said its quaint approximately 60 person capacity, not a young crowd (teens/rowdiness). We're very happy with our choice.
      Good luck to you!

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        Is there anything going on outsude, like any fireworks? Also, do you know of anywhere that has live music, like an irish pub? My boyfriend and I are also going to be there over New Years Eve and am not having much luck finding things that will be going on.


        1. re: mfpk12

          Here are some listings:

          For non-food related questions like fireworks and music events and such, you might try contacting the Quebec City or provincial tourism board - I'm sure they can help!

        2. I just came across this link that may be of interest for others ...