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Dec 6, 2009 05:39 AM

Fresh Goose

I'm starting to look for fresh goose for Christmas. I figured I'd post what I found here to see if anyone has anything else to add.

Whole Foods: Was told that they don't have goose because it doesn't meet their "quality standards." Don't know what that means and there were a bit snotty about it. I guess all those other years they had it they must have dropped their standards.

Savenors: Got them, traditional 10-13 lb range: $10/lb

Owens Poultry Farm in Needham: 10-11 lbs, $7.50/lb

Internet options so far: 10-12 lb goose, $79 + $27 shipping

if money was no object I would consider:
Which have Gascon geese that look great, but they run around $90 and shipping to us is around $80.

I still have to make some more phone calls, including Dewars, etc. These are all fresh geese, not frozen.

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  1. On their website Wilson Farms has fresh goose listed but no price. I'm roasting one for Christmas dinner so will be checking in on this thread regularly. Thanks for starting it.

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      I have gotten and roasted a fresh goose from Wilson Farms for Xmas - it was excellent and NOT pre-ordered (but I would reserve in advance if I knew it's what I wanted - they are great about this) - they had a few available the week of the holiday- I am pretty sure it was about $70 but don't remember the exact weight - afterwards, we had goose fat for months that we kept in the freezer to add some tastiness now and then to potatoes, etc.

    2. You might also see if you can find a local farmer who raises geese and will sell you one dressed and ready for the oven. When I lived in Las Vegas, that's how I got my suckling pigs for Christmas dinner. It will guarantee fresh, but there's also a good chance the quality will be over the top. Good luck.

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        There's a really big group of them in the front lawn of Analog Device on Rt 1 in Norwood.

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          Hah... We have them on The Knoll in Melrose....

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            So why are you looking for a place to buy them? You got something against poached goose? '-)

      2. Wilson Farms has them (special order) but not sure of price. Also was at Karl's Sausage Kitchen last week and they were taking orders for them but again, didn't pay attention to price. Bonus of going to Karl's is you can stock up on so much else while there!!

        1. Neighbors of ours get a goose from Owens every year, and say it's excellent. I just got some chicken breasts there which were quite good (and relatively cheap, I think $2.59 per pound.

          1. Maybe Mayflower Poultry on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge? I asked them a month or so ago about the holidays, goose, and capon, but I've forgotten what they said: