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Dec 6, 2009 04:30 AM

Dinner and drinks next weekend

I have friends coming to visit next weekend from Philadelphia and Texas. One of which has never been to NYC. I'm going to take them to see Times Square and Rockefeller Center to see the Tree and then walk down 5th Ave and see the windows.

Any ideas on places for dinner, doesn't necessarily need to be around there?

We also are looking to go out after, I would like to take them someplace fun but not too overwhelming, we're all in our mid twenties and there will be 5 of us.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Other than "doesn't necessarily need to be around" the tree/5th Ave, do you have any neighborhood preferences? Any cuisine preferences?

    What's your price range, including tax, tip, and drinks for dinner? Don't forget that tax is nearly 9% and tip is typically 18-20% (and with a party of 5 some places may impose a set tip fee).

    What time do you plan to dine? Is this for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Any avoids or must haves? Picky eaters? Adventurous eaters? Allergies?

    There are a TON of people in town this month, it might be hard to get reservations on such short notice for a party of 5 but some reservations are easier to get than others, and it really depends on what day of the week and time you want to dine.

    For drinks afterwards, what are you looking for -- wine, beer, cocktails? Any specific atmosphere requests or other constraints?

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      We're not really on any sort of set schedule, I think the plan right now is to leave my house (on long island) around 2 pm on Saturday, so we'll be in the city by 3. Walk around for a few hours and eat around 6 or 7ish. The time is flexible as well, as there is nothing really time critical that I have planned.

      No allergies and we're not picky eaters, I'm thinking more of a casual place as we would rather spend money later in the evening. I would think no more than 130 before tax and tip for all 5 of us for dinner. I was thinking maybe Italian as its something we all enjoy. I'm not really set on any particular area, although i was thinking of going to the village for drinks afterwards so maybe some place around there.

      As for drinks we're looking for beer and cocktails, no specific type of place though. We want to have fun with a crowd around our age, we haven't been out of college that long, however we don't want to feel old going to college spots.

      The Texan who will be joining us was here once last summer and was more afraid of the city than I thought she would be. My goal is to show her how nice (and fun) the city can be (hopefully the weather will cooperate).

      1. re: cmd284

        If your goal is to show her how nice the city can be than definitly leave the Times square area for dinner. I recommend Wilfie and Nell. It's a very cool setting with good beer and cocktails and good food. It has a cozy feel to it that is perfect during the winter. Also then you have a ton of options for bars around that area afterward.

        1. re: roze

          Agree that it would be nice to leave Midtown for dinner, but a party of 5 on a Saturday night might involve a wait....Maybe Vol de Nuit or Blind Tiger Ale House afterwards for beers?

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks for the suggestions, i think we're going to do it all!