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Dec 5, 2009 11:16 PM

NYCHOWCHOW looking for some good ramen in SF

Fellow chowhounds, please tell me where to go for some good ramen. It's getting cold here. I need some ramen to keep warm. I get around by bike (and I mean bicycle) so please don't send me down south. Thanks!

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  1. I recommend doing a search - there have been extensive ramen discussions on this board in the past. The best ramen in the area is in San Mateo and San Jose, but you can get a pretty good bowl in SF at Katana-ya on Geary.

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      Thanks 042. I did do a search but most of the places are in San Mateo and San Jose as you mentioned. My legs aren't strong enough to get me that far ;) The ramen lists that I did find date back a few years so I don't know how reliable those are. I will definitely give Katana-ya a try! Thanks!

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        There are 2 favorable and1thumbs down reviews of this San Francisco house on this thread Asuka Ramen.

        Asuka Ramen
        883 Bush St, San Francisco, CA

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            That was the 1 thumbs down but a pretty emphatic thumb. :-)

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            Cal train stops in downtown San Mateo. You can bring your bike on the train. You'll find better ramen there than in SF. That is, if getting the noodles important enough to you to take a train for 20 minutes. Himawari is my favorite.

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              There is no good ramen in SF proper. Either go to San Jose or San Mateo or don't bother. NYC has much better ramen than SF. Ippudo kills anything we have. Focus on seasonal, ingredient driven restaurants that cater to a neighborhood crowd and you will be happy with your SF picks.

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                Thanks, Shane and Amy. After having the ramen at Katana-ya, I think it might be worthwhile for me to take my bike onto the train--even in the freezing cold! Amy, the mention of Ippudo makes me want to cry!

          3. There's a new ramen truck in the Twitter sphere debuting this weekend. Apparently having some start up woes but watch for it.


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              Thanks, Melanie. I'll wait a few weeks for them to get their kinks out and then I'll give them a try! I'm excited!

            2. Try Genki Ramen on Geary.

              1. This is a little different, but if you order shabu shabu at Kappou Gomi, you can tack on ramen at the end. (That is, when you are done with your shabu shabu, they will take the broth in the back and punch up the stock so that you can have ramen made at the table with it.) When they are really crowded, the kitchen can struggle to keep up so please be patient.

                Kappou Gomi
                5524 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121