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Dec 5, 2009 10:27 PM

Honeymoon touring Tennessee - restaurant suggestions please!

Hey - we are touring Tennessee for our honeymoon between Christmas and Nex Year and can't wait to try southern food. Do you have any recommendations especially for a GLUTEN FREE traveller?
Thank you!

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  1. There is a new place in Knoxville on Kingston Pike, in the Bearden area. Can't remember the name but their sign says it is gluten free. It is across from the Shrimp

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      There is a new gluten free place in the Bearden Area, but I think it may just be a bakery. In Knoxville for cupcakes try the Cupcakery. If you want BBQ find M&M Catering, you have to eat in your car or take it to go but the pulled pork and chicken are great(i love the sweet hot sauce). Knoxville is known for its restaurants and being a testing ground for new places. Sam and Andy's is a Knoxville icon serving burgers, and Italian. Calhoun's and Smoky Mountain Brewery are a locally owned chain that does their own microbrewing. If you are in Memphis, you have to go to The Rendevous for ribs, and Corky's for a BBQ sandwich. If you make it to Bristol/Johnson City/Kingsport go to Mad Greek in Bristol, and get a calzone, they are the best ever(I love the gyro calzone with any toppings you want) Also in Bristol is Blue Circle Burger, call before for hours, but their circle burgers are worth it(kind of like Krystal but really good) If you make it to Bristol, continue up to Abingdon, VA and eat at the Tavern(its historic, and really good)

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        Awesome! Thanks for all the suggestions - we ate really well in Knoxville! Off to Memphis in a few days so will be sure to check out that rib place - sounds fab!

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          Don't forget the Waffle House! (Really, if you're not from the South ya gotta try it once at least) Go for the pecan waffle and get it crisp!

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            I suspect this is too late, but the Memphis rec's above are off the mark. The Rendevous is fun, but its hit or miss on the ribs. Corky's is OK, but I would check the other threads for Memphis BBQ reviews. Some better choices: Payne's, BBQ Shop, Central BBQ, etc.

            1. re: Michael H

              You weren't too late - thanks to your suggestion we went to the BBQ Shop and is was fantastic - thank you!