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Dec 5, 2009 08:35 PM

Bring Me Some Figgy Pudding

I have always regarded the traditional English Christmas pudding with an eerie fascination. It sounds pretty disgusting, and yet I kind of want to try it, but certainly not enough to go to all the trouble of making one myself. So, where in the (metro-accessible) DC area can I get such a thing, even (in fact, preferably) just a slice, and how much might it cost me? Thanks!

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  1. I was hoping to try Gordon Ramsay's recipe, but reading the 1000cals per serving of this pudding I think I will pass.

    I hope you find a good one, but if you change your mind and would like a piece of Latin Christmas Pudding let me know =D

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        In my family we make a Bread Pudding for Christmas with Panettone and Porto, it's heavier than out traditional Bread Pudding but is lighter than English's Christmas Pudding.

    1. Rodman's now has a large selection of English Christmas treats, including various sizes and flavors of Christmas puddings (traditonal, brandy, rum, etc.) You boil/steam them per the instructions on the container.

      They also have fruitcake like cake with a thick layer of white frosting that is from the UK. They have large and small sizes of the puddings so not much lost if you get a small one and don't like it. They also have jars of the brandy sauce that goes on top of the pudding. I love Rodman's.

      1. There's a "Fine British" foods and things shop on Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon. Try 703-525-6510 and ask if they have a figgy pudding.

        What's in there to make a 1000 calorie serving? Lot of fat? Surely not a lot of fig.

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          I qould think it comes from the guinness and the sugar. lol