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Dec 5, 2009 07:35 PM

where can i buy Edam cheese, a.k.a tete de maure cheese in montreal?

i tasted Edam a few while back and found it to be quite delicious and i have been trying to find a store in Montreal that sells however i have been unsuccessful anyone knows of a place where i can find it?

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  1. I have seen Edam cheese at the Fromagerie Hamel outlets.

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    1. re: alixium

      Not to derail, but anyone know where I can get German butter cheese? Hamel never has it. Neither does the fromagerie I go to at Atwater Market.

      1. re: williej

        just a guess - Salamico in VSL or Petit Munich in PF.

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      1. Marche Adonis should have Edam cheese, I have seen it several times in the Laval location, so it should be available at the other locations as well.

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