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Dec 5, 2009 07:16 PM

Novi, MI. - DJ's Bistro

Just a quick report on Diamond Jim's. Had dinner there tonight and everything is as fine as ever. I had the bouillabaisse. Very generous serving of seafood in the most delicious broth you can imagine. Mary is as gracious as ever and reported that business was good and they were still able to "pay the bills." Of course, Tom is still missed. This place is a treasure. Mary loves to see her regulars over the holidays.

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  1. At SonyBob's several recommendations, and others' abetment, I went to DJ Bistro tonight for dinner. First, the ambience is spot on. The lighting is low but not dark, the music is soft enough to have a conversation and everyone around me seemed to be having a lovely meal, laughing and talking. The decor fits the intent, as well.

    I sat at a table in the bar area as I was alone. (Traveling for business.) I ordered the Jerk Pork special with a Caesar salad and Beamish Stout. The Caesar was disappointing: too much cheese, too many croutons and the lettuce seemed a bit limp. The amount of dressing was just right but there was not even a hint of anchovie flavor to the dressing and it was more oily than creamy. The parmesan was roughly grated; I prefer mine shaved but I understand this is only personal preference. So with trepidation I waited for the entree.

    The jerk pork with mango, red pepper chutney, fried banana and mint drizzle over corn+quinoa more than compensated for a lackluster salad. The pork loin was perfectly medium rare and gently spiced with the jerk season. The chutney added fruity sweetness while the few pieces of fried banana were like soft bits of candy. I saved one bit of banana for last. The mint drizzle added surprise as a wonderful counterpoint to the other flavors. The corn and quinoa was a bit dry but can be forgiven.

    Overall a solid effort and the price makes it a winner. Recommended.

    Diamond Jim Brady's of Novi
    26053 Town Center Dr, Novi, MI 48375

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      So glad you liked it! DJB's is really one of my favorites, and I haven't been there in a couple of months. You're making me hungry for it just talking about it. The so-so Caesar salad wouldn't have been an issue with me since I would have gone for their other included salad, which I always enjoy. I can spot you that sometimes the lettuce can be a bit limp, but it's usually pretty darned good, especially considering that it's included in the price of the entree.

      That jerk pork sure sounds fantastic, though. One question: it was pork, and not trout? I get their weekly specials list, and that preparation was listed as being a trout entree. Since they obviously had a supply problem, could I ask how much the entree was?


      1. re: boagman

        It was definitely pork. Two loin pieces about 3" in diameter and 1/2" thick, enough to fill but not stuff, which I also appreciated. The entree was 15 or 16 bucks, maybe 18. Certainly less than 20. I didn't pay too close attention as it was going on the work Amex.

      2. re: ph001c

        Like Boagman, I too am glad you had a favorable experience. I guess you're correct about the salad. I like it but i'm not a very good judge of salads. I'm prejudiced only because I've know the establishment for years though not a really frequent visitor since retiring. The reasons I keep encouraging people to go there is because of the unusual and excellent entrees, the ambience and most of all, the staff. It is truly is a family owned establishment, one of a kind and Mary and the staff have always made me feel welcome and at home. I feel that's as much of the dining experience as the food its self. Thank you for posting.