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Metairie dining

I need a good suggestion for a restaurant in Metairie /Kenner/Harahan area. It needs to be open for lunch

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  1. Bozo's, great oyster poor boys, meh gumbo, good everything else. Been there forever.

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      I probably should have said except Bozo's. I am trying to figure out a place to give my mom a gift certificate to for Christimas. She is 85 .Almost every Friday her and her husband eat lunch at Bozo's.

    2. The first thing I thought of was the Peppermill. People of your mom's generation make up the majority of the clientel and it is very comfortable. The food is fantastic and the prices are unbeatable. My second choice is Drago's. It can be a little noisy, but still a great place with a large menu. Merry Christmas to your mom and dad!

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        If I'm ever feeling creaky or aged, a Sunday brunch at the Peppermill quickly changes my mind.

      2. Chateau du Lac or New City Grille on Metairie Rd

        1. Peppermill is a great choice. Chateau du Lac is quite a bit more upscale but has magnificent food. One other thought: Mr. Ed's on Live Oak is really quite decent, and is a favorite of many older clients. Very relaxed and friendly.

          1. Zea, Drago's, Crazy Johnny's

            1. Have you ever tried Ristorante Fillipo's for lunch. I've eaten there a couple of times in the last few months. Once for lunch and once for dinner. The food is always fresh and the atmosphere is very intimate inside. I would highly recommend this little gem for your lunch.

              Ristorante Filippo
              1917 Ridgelake Dr, Metairie, LA 70001

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                Liz, my new office is very close to Fillipo's. Please tell me what you had!
                I trust your palate! Hope you're doing well.

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                  Hi Isabella,
                  I hope you are doing well too....it's been a long time. I haven't been on this site in a while, and hope this isn't too late. I've eaten there a couple of times, once for lunch and once for dinner. For lunch I had a salad with fresh crab and tomato. Very good.
                  For dinner, and it was a while ago I think we had a veal dish, but I can't remember, maybe piccatta??That's usually my favorited way as I'm always trying to find lighter dishes....the diet, right??
                  I especially love the space....so small and intimate and Phillip, the chef is delightful.
                  You should try it....have your husband meet you there after work for an early dinner.
                  Merry Christmas to you both

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                    Liz...I agree! And Philip is a wonderful host! I'm Niki with Uncle Lee-Bird's Cajun Zing!

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                      Thanks Nikinik for 2nding the rec for Fillipo's!

                      <BTW, I have a great new restaurant for you on the WB!
                      Banana Blossom, where the old Cafe Zen used to be.
                      We've been at least 6 times already!> I'll meet you there for lunch if you like!

              2. As far as I'm concerned the 2 best restaurants in Metairie/Kenner are:

                Shogun on Veterans - can't be beat for their fabulous yet affordable lunch specials. they also have a sushi bar and hibachi tables. My favorite Japanese restaurant in the city

                Sandro's Trattoria (also on Vets in the TJ Maxx and Tiffin Inn stip mall) - also have lovely lunch specials. My favorite Italian restaurant in the city

                Both places are extremely popular during lunch. and dinner as well

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                  Personally, I have never seen the appeal re Shogun.

                  Kanno in Fat City, or Little Tokyo on Causeway, are the best in the area, IMHO

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                    Paz, I agree with you on Kanno & Little Tokyo.
                    My 2 favorites too . . . esp for Sushi & sashimi.

                    However, Shogun does have a few things I like on the menu. Most of it is cooked or salads.

                    I had a very early lunch at Little Tokyo on Saturday & almost did dinner at Kanno! <sometimes you just need a sushi fix>.
                    But we originally we were going to Shogun for a lunch special.
                    Their bean sprout salad & cabbage salad is like no other! I love their broccoli salad.
                    Their baked seafood used to be THE baked seafood (had it a month ago & sadly not as good as it once was). I sometimes get the NY Strip for lunch which comes with all of my favorite salads. Every sushi joint in this town has some special item that we can only get at that one place. If you're going for fresh raw fish Kanno or Little Tokyo is right on!

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                      Concerning Shogun, I think they have the best cooked Japanese food and salads in the city. The also have the best crunchy rolls!

                      If you want strictly sushi, then you can go somewhere else I guess.

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                    I'll 2nd Sandro's Trattoria. We thoroughly enjoyed it & had a great lunch date there!