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Dec 5, 2009 05:32 PM

Barbecue in St. Charles, MO

Recently moved to St. Charles, Mo. See a lot of barbecue places advertised. Are any of them any good?

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  1. The one I like the best is Lil' Micky's on Mexico Rd. The are related to the people who have Interstate in Memphis, the Neelys. They have great pulled pork and I really like their sauce.

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          One thing I forgot to say is that it is more of a carry out place-only one or two tables and I would call ahead and make sure they are open.

    1. There's a really good cart in the Kroger parking lot in Troy, about 15 miles north of Wentzville. It's called Big Stickey's. I've sampled most of the items: The brisket, the pulled pork, the pork steaks, the hot dogs and burgers. My favorites are the pulled pork and "double thick" pork steaks. The brisket is good, but not as good as Pappy's. He makes the sauce and sides from scratch, including a yummy cheesy potato casserole.

      1. Up until a couple of weeks ago I would have only said Lil Mickeys. However, a newer place opened on Mid Rivers Mall Drive that is getting pretty good reviews. I think it is called Mel's Famous BBQ or something like that. Right across from Red Robin.


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          Not a fan of Mel's. In Saint Peters near Cave Springs Blvd. is Lil Mickeys new location, and I much prefer it (even the food) to the old location. Rib City on Mid Rivers drive in Cottleville is not bad for a chain. Bandanas is awful. Also, good, on Duchesne in the Pundmann Ford auto body lot, is Steve-O's, sold out of an elaborate smoker trailer. Very flaky hours, but good stuff, and dirt cheap.

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            Well since we are updating a two year old thread-

            I had not eaten at Mel's at the time. Went there once and was not impressed.
            Ate at Steve's once. Got the Pulled Pork. It tasted funky and sour. Like he had mixed it with vinegar and it was old. WIll never go back there again.
            Lil Mickeys is decent for being close. I think their ribs are a rip off price but otherwise seems ok.


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              Hmm, never had that experience at Steve's. That's no good! Stumpy's in St. Peters is pretty good,

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                  Stumpys is not on my return to list.

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                    Haven't been to Stumpy's in a few years as the first time was.....not a multitude of ways. The half slab was dry, non sibling ribs that seemed to have the meat cut off and the slaw had a texture that reminded me of canned. Maybe it depends on what you order and maybe they have gotten better.
                    I tried Mel's when it first opened and the ribs were the better of the offerings. I went again a couple of months ago and the ribs were just passable and the pulled pork was old tasting and cut almost like lardons.

                    I do like the pulled pork from L'il Mickeys and especially the sauce.

                    The Dierbergs on Zumbehl has a smoker out in front of it now too.

                    The bar has been raised so much in St. Louis for Q over the last few years it is worth the drive to get the best, ribs anyway.