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Dec 5, 2009 05:07 PM

Lunch near Glengoyne distillery?

Planning to visit Glengoyne distillery about 35 minutes north of Glasgow and looking for lunch recommendations in the area (not Glasgow as I am coming from there). The Glengoyne website lists a few restaurants but they are all inside hotels (Winnock hotel, strathblane Country House hotel and Kirkhouse Inn). Has anyone eaten at these hotel restaurants before? Otherwise, would like a recommendation for a good countryside pub or restaurant (preferably not located in a hotel) I don't mind going 15 minutes further north or west (closer to Loch Lomond).


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  1. I have stayed at the Kirkhouse Inn many times. I would describe it as pub food, and would probably prefer a good pub. Don't have access to my Good Pub Guide but there were several close by if I recall from looking it up.

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      Thanks, I'll check the Good Pub Guide. I looked at the Michelin Pub Guide but not too many listings for Scotland and of the ones listed, none were close to the distillery.

    2. You might have to call and see, but you can try Ross Priory. Lovely setting on the banks of Loch Lomond. They normally do lunches and dinners for members only, but I think that members of the public can call in. Their 3 course dinner is outstanding and is usually around £25 per person.

      1. The Drovers Inn is near Loch Lomond and is well known. I have not been there and cannot recommend it personally.