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ISO excellent custom/sculpted cake for birthday

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Hello All,

I have a small, but important request: where can a delicious and aesthetically pleasing sculpted cake be had in the city? I'm flexible on price and size, but am really looking for something that delivers wow factor- this is for a dear friend's champagne birthday. I've searched the forums, and while there are some good leads on specialty cupcakes, a sculpted cake is what I'm after.

Locations around Yonge & Eg would be preferred, but I'm willing to travel!

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  1. Half-Baked Ideas Bakery near Mount Pleasant and Davisville does custom cakes.


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    1. Several friends have used and then raved about "The Cake Lady". She makes cakes that look convincingly like anything, and apparently they also taste great, too. The website is a bit garish and the photo quality isn't great, but I'm told the cakes look fantastic in real life: http://thecakelady.ca

      1. Juanita Koo at SweetThings makes wonderful looking custom sculpted cakes


        She also has a blog where you can see all kinds of examples of her work


        1. Flour Confections in Pickering:


          1. You should definately check out The Big Goose, she does the rare combination

            of taste, and looks. But always with a very personal touch, as she goes over the cake

            with you, to get a good idea of what you are looking for. She is located at Avenue rd, and

            Eglinton. 376 Eglinton west.


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              Thanks for all the wonderful leads. Will report back with results later on!