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Dec 5, 2009 04:22 PM

Is there are foodie festival in montreal?

Is there a festival for montreal foodies during the year??

I know of some in the summer in Magog and townships..but how about in the city??

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    1. Montreal's High Lights Festival is coming up... Every year a theme city is selected (New Orleans, this year), and chefs from here and abroad are invited to create around this theme. Several restaurants host activities/tastings/prix fixe menus/demonstrations during this festival.

      It's hard to explain, really, so check out the comprehensive website:

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        this is overwhelming! thanks for the heads up!!

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          On Wednesday I really enjoyed the cheese sampling --Festival of Quebec Cheeses-- at complexe desjardins and would have stocked up on some of these artisan cheeses but was not going home. They also had portuguese wine sampling but this was with costs. The cheese tastings were free and it goes on til saturday. I liked the variety of cheeses and information provided. The samplings are small but if you are interested in purchasing one of their products bigger portions will be offered.

      2. On May 3 2010 at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth you will find the 1st annual Table of Hope event. Originally Taste of the Nation the organizing committee renamed the event after the passing of its Chair Laurie Normand-Starr. All the top restaurants in Montreal along with the service industry ( Wine, Beer, Desserts, ect) will be offering their fare to Montrealer's to combat Hunger. This is a great event and 100% of the receipts for the evening will be going to Share the Warmth and their School Lunch Programmes.