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Dec 5, 2009 02:33 PM

Upscale yet Laid Back New Orleans Dinner

Hello all N.O. Hounds.

I am looking for a good place that I can go by myself while I am here on business for a nice seafood meal that is definitely high quality but also not stuffy. I would like to relax at a bar, have some quality (ideally craft) beer, and some top notch seafood.

I have been to Delmonico's with a group here (okay), Avenue Pub (outstanding.. but limited menu), and the rest have been group dinners. I have one more night and I really want to enjoy something that fits this mold- is it Acme Oyster House, Cochon, Rambla??

Im trying to do research but am coming up a bit empty in making a clear decision.

Thanks a whole lot.

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  1. No doubt someone will come up with the ideal match...the beer issue is one I cannot speak to...but I suggest Clancy's. The food is good and it is a reloaxed place. There will be suits but also slacks and open-neck shirst. You can sit at the bar which is a bt tight but lots of fun. It is my go-to place when I don't have the time or inclination to go downtown and have a nice 3+ hour dinner.

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      I was a bit disappointed by the food at Clancys. Everything was fried or dripping in butter. I think Brightsens is a better choice.

    2. go to the oyster bar of Luke or La Cote Brasserie

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          I was going to suggest Mr. B's. We've dined at the bar there a few times and it fits the bill, for sure. Plus, you know. bbq shrimp.......

      1. I'd look into GW Fins. Not sure of the beers, ales, stouts on tap, as I'm more of a wino, but the atmosphere is laid-back, the service good, and the seafood great. It's also pretty far off of the radar screens for many.



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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          GW FINS IS FABULOUS. Really high quality seafood. I concur.

        2. I recommend Restaurant One on Hampson or Coquette on Magazine. At One, you can sit at the food bar and watch the chefs at work, and Coquette has a lovely New Orleans atmosphere with high tin pressed ceiling tiles. Both have a luscious crab cake appetizer that is almost all crab and no fillers - only flavor enhancers.

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            Coquette's menu changes frequently thus the crabcake may not be available. Their food is good and cocktails creative.

          2. Mila or Patois also fit your bill.