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Dec 5, 2009 02:06 PM

Black cerignola olives at wholesale price? [Cleveland]

I am completely addicted to these giant black cerignola olives that I get from my local Heinen's grocery store here in Cleveland. Unfortunately, they come from the olive bar that is $9.00 a pound and I'm going broke feeding my addiction. I asked about buying one of the 11 pound cans that the grocery store gets them in, but they could only offer me a small discount over the retail price. I AM NOT going to pay $90 for a can of olives!

They come from an Italian company called Cannone. I have looked online but no luck so far. Anyone out there who can hook me up?


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  1. You can start a food business, pay rent, pay shipping and overhead, ten get wholesale pricing. ;D

    Actually $9/lb is a pretty good olive bar price these days. It's very generous of them to offer to discount further for you to buy a can. I agree that they are very nice olives.

    1. Yes I found them...I've never like olives until these! I bought them in bulk at a local Whole Foods Market for $9.15/ lb. with a bulk discount of 10% if you by 5 lbs. (originally 10.99/lb.) so I understand how you feel. When they told me the net weight of the olives (11lbs.) I laughed at the idea of spending $90 on olives alone but they gave me the drained product weight with out the olive brine (juice). But I just noticed that they are onsale at for only $8/ lb. search Cerignola olives in google or directly at the site. Now that I am vegan turned raw foodist, these are my salvation! Enjoy!!! I surely AM! and Congradulations I know how hard this journey can So that price can be beat!

      1. Have you tried Galluccis's italian market on Euclid Ave? They have a large assortment of olives at a decent cost. It might be worth checking out.

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          Also worth checking out is Mediterranean Imported Foods at the West Side Market. They definitely have cerignola olives, and prices usually run $4-6 per lb for olives from their olive bar.

          West Side Market
          1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH

          1. re: gort

            i second that! why are their olives so darned good? i love that place... they are happy to give samples and suggestions and i contend it is because they actually are proud of what they sell and like what they do. all the olives are heavenly and if you haven't tried the istara cheese, then, i suggest you do it.