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Dec 5, 2009 01:52 PM

lunch buffet in Little India

When pass though Artesia, we generally stop at the India Restaurant for the buffet. While we always enjoy the India Restaurant, we are looking to try something new. Reading previous posts, Ashoka the Great, Rajdhani, and Little India Grill are favorably reviewed. While opinions vary greatly, we are looking for a different lunch buffet. Any suggestions are appreciated. We could go with one of the restaurants listed above or something else. We are pretty adventurous eaters and enjoy spice (sometimes a difficult criterion to meet at a buffet). Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry to say but I think The India Restaurant has the only good 'non-veg' buffet in the area. I have found that Ashoka the Great is far from 'great' and I don't plan on returning after a couple of barely mediocre visits.

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      do you have a suggestion for a vegetarian buffet in the area?

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        Hi westsidegal, I replied yesterday and now it's gone! Anyway, for veg buffets I can't help. I like the Spicy Thali at Tirupathi Bhimas but haven't been there in a few months.

        Tirupathi Bhimas
        18792 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701

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          based on your recommendation, i'm going to make the drive.

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          Woodlands has a pretty good south indian veg buffet. Can be inconsistent, in my experience, though. We still go often. As someone mentioned below, Rajdhani is Gujarati AYCE, but not a buffet -- they bring it to you. (Bring your A-game appetite b/c they like to tempt you to eat more than you should -- and then it comes with dessert.) I really like that place quite a bit and have not been disappointed.

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          I tend to agree. Ashoka the Great was more like Ashoka the Mediocre IMO. The India Restaurant is fantastic though.

        4. Does it have to be in Indian in Little India? How 'bout some nice Pakistani in nearby Lakewood!

          I much prefer Shahnawaz to any buffet in Little India. Then again, I've made no secret that I prefer Pakistani food to Indian...

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            Interesting. Perhaps we'll give Shahnawaz a try. Thanks.

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              As it turns out, we decided to grab lunch this afternoon at Shahnawaz. A nice treat! Having never had Pakistani food before, the flavor profile is similar to Indian but the dishes, as you indicated, had some heat. As you may recall, the dishes are not labled so while I cant provide specific names, we especially enjoyed the eggplant and pepper dishes and thought that the tandori was among the best we've ever had. Thanks for the recommendation.

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                Great! And thank you for reporting back!

                As far as buffets go, it's not bad at all. But, when you feel you are ready to up the ante, give a Pakistani sit-down restaurant a try. You will not be disappointed...

       (That's me, Joe B.; and you can skip that Shan recommendation, inferior IMO...)

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                  Haven't been to Shahnawaz in quite some time, didn't know that they a buffet but I recall really liking the jalapeno curry called mirch ka salan a couple of times that was recommended by J. Gold in L.A. Weekly.


                  12225 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715

              2. Having tried many of the Indian buffets in and around SoCal, I was pleasantly suprised at a recent visit to Manohar's Delhi Palace in LaPuente. The restaurant is located in a run-down strip mall, but don't let the outward appearance scare you. The food was some of the best Indian buffet fare I have thus found, and the interior decor was as nice as the exterior was not. An attentive wait staff and reasonable pricing all contribute to a return visit soon.

                Manohar's Delhi Palace
                581 S Azusa Way
                LaPuente, CA 91744

                1. If you haven't been to Rajdhani, it's definitely a must go. They have 5 rotating veggie dishes, rice, pappadum, roti, chapati, and appetizers and it all comes to you! They have servers with all the food and will come over, more of the Gujarati home cooking style. Oh and some of the dishes were spicy. A bit pricier, I think $15 or $16 without tax.

                  Also I really like Udupi Palace for excellent dosas and uddapum, but it's not buffet.