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Dec 5, 2009 01:11 PM

What to do with a black truffle?

I do a big Christmas brunch for my family, and I have a bee in my bonnet to buy a black truffle from a local merchant and cook with it (because it sounds delicious, but also to impress my sister-in-law :)

They are nice, fragrant black truffles from Oregon, and I'm hoping to incorporate something that will go well at brunch. I know I could cook it in eggs, but I'm looking for something more exciting.

The same merchant also has little white truffles from Oregon as well. So, I could go either way.

I'm serving sausages, bacon, french toast, salmon, etc.

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  1. Truffled grits with a poached egg would be nice

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    1. I have had soft scrambled eggs with little shrimp served with toasted baguette rounds
      spread with unsalted butter and chopped/shaved truffles. Simply Sublime.

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      1. re: dandy985

        i bought some italian black truffles in november. are thye supposed to feel wet when slicing or shaving them? made a pasta last night (oil butter salt) and and did dot get much flavor?

        any ideas?

      2. Fontina cheese and black truffles go nicely together -- there is a restaurant here in NY that makes the loveliest little dish with a poached egg, bread, melted fontina and black truffles.

        As an aside, I much prefer the black Oregon truffles to the white ones.