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Dec 5, 2009 11:50 AM

Moving to Inglewood

Hey All,

So, I am moving into a new place in Inglewood, right on 9th Ave SE. I absolutely adore the area, but realized there aren't any grocery stores. It seems to me that the closest would be the Safeway on 12th or the Sobeys in Forest Lawn.

So, for you innercity dwellers... Where do you go get groceries? I realize that Bite and Savour are very close, as is the farmers market. But I guess I am looking for more of everyday shopping.

Thanks in Advance for your response :)


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  1. not an inner city dweller although I used to work near Inglewood - I've read about Co-op Midtown Market on the west end enough to know a lot of hounds shop there. There's a Safeway down that way as well. You could also shop the bridgeland/renfew/Mt pleasant area by going up past Spolumbos and around the zoo crossing over memorial - Lina's and the Italian Market come to mind(as does Main Dish but I wouldn't classify it as everyday type shopping).

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    1. re: maplesugar

      Shopping in the SW, even inner, will be an utter PITA to anybody in Inglewood. I'm sure danniek knows about Co-op Midtown but there's no way you should recommend it. Sorry, not trying to be mean but the fact is that negotiating through downtown is just horrible. She'd be better off trying the Mission safeway, really.

      danniek unfortunately you've discovered the precise reason why my partner and I didn't buy in the 'wood when we had the chance. I would however say that your proximity to Crossroads is a huge advantage.

      1. re: John Manzo

        If you take the Macdonald Bridge to 11 Ave you don't actually have to go through downtown. But I would tend to agree with John - the Safeway at 4th and Elbow is just as close if you take Spiller Road (now that it's open again) to 25th Ave, that's where I shop and it's got a good selection of almost everything I ever need. I haven't shopped in Forest Lawn, but I understand Sobeys is generally cheaper than Safeway so it would be worth checking out.

    2. John's quite correct. Eventually, though, there will be a Sunterra at 2nd and 12th SW. Not much of an improvement for Inglewood, distance wise (or price wise), but better than nothing. There's a few small groceries in both Ramsay and Inglewood, but I can't tell you much about them. Hope you have a car for this. If you do, I'd suggest stocking up at a Costco or something similar.

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      1. re: Leibowitz

        Thanks everyone, I kinda figured I would be out of luck :)

        I read online that the community is waiting on the city to release land so that it can be developed and most people are crossing their fingers in hopes of receiving a grocery store.

        I guess it will be Safeway or Sobeys for me :)

        I guess I am just feeling spoiled, where I am at now... within a 5 minute drive I have a safeway, superstore, 2 sobeys and a co-op :) So this will definately be a change!

        That being said.... are there any MUST trys at Bite or Savour?

        1. re: danniek

          From Inglewood, Costco and Superstore in Heritage Meadows are a 5 minute drive down Blackfoot (maybe not these days until the snow is cleared, but usually). It's all relative.

          1. re: hsk

            Hsk... I didnt think about it that way. You are very right. For the amount of time it would take me to navigate through downtown to a grocery store, i would spend half the time getting to superstore.

          2. re: danniek

            "are there any MUST trys at Bite or Savour?"

            i really like the baguettes at Bite. Any of the meats are great also... the bacon and the duck especially. In the summer, they had some fantastic tomatoes, but they're out of season now i think.

            1. re: danniek

              You are likely a short drive from T&T on 36th for Chinese and Southeast Asian, and Basha foods on 52nd for Mediterranean and West, South Asian. Not bad at all!!

            2. re: Leibowitz

              Actually Sunterra will be at 1st and 12th SE, in the Keynote complex. But its opening looks to be very delayed.

            3. 17th Ave SE sounds like the logic choice? Besides the well known chains you have plenty, plenty of ethnic groceriy choices as well. From Asian to Portugese, it's all there. Not to mention a great bakery, Guenther's.

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              1. re: worldwidestuff

                Yep, 17th Ave SE - Safeway and Co-Op across from each other. Those were the ones I ended up going to when I lived in the 'wood. Downtown is too big of a pain to access. Mind you I was on the very east side of Inglewood.

                1. re: mapsnrop

                  Thanks mapsnrop... My new place is literally right beside Capo on 9 Ave. So, to get to 17th SE is not an issue in the least :)

                  On a side note, have any of you done the grocery delivery from Sunterra? I am wondering if they are any decent for the days when I don't have the time to shop....

                  Thanks again for all the help everyone!