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Dec 5, 2009 11:18 AM

Ganga in Matawan

New Asian bistro'n'sushi. On Route 34. Used to be called Pea Pod Chinese restaurant. My wife and I had a drink there last night. Chic atmosphere. Has anyone dined there yet?

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  1. Haven't been there yet.. found a website though:

    Not much there yet.. "Asian bistro" cracks me up, though.. sounds a little pretentious.

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      The complete name of the place has been laughing. Sounds like a restaurant in Amsterdam! lol

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        I stopped in there Friday night.. they close at 10 pm.. I got there at about 9:45.. only to grab a menu. Nice atmosphere inside. The lunch specials looked pretty good. The guy I talked to said the website should be fully operational in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll get to try it before the end of the year.. but my next sushi stop is probably Ichi Umi in Edison.

      2. First time in this place since the Pea Pod (went there once in 20 years). Good first impression on entry into Ganga. Background music and lighting sets a great ambiance. Food, cocktails and service were very good and didn't feel rushed. We have eaten at many sushi style restaurants in the area and feel this was the best. Will go back again.

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          bsansum- what dishes did you have and what did you like about them?

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            Have dined here twice and going again for New Years Eve - atmosphere is very relaxing, service could not be better, Entire staff makes you feel welcome, very attentive. We did not know what to order, the staff went through various items and suggestions for us to try - not overbearing just attentive.

            Food is absolutely wonderful, We are not big on sushi so I can't comment on that, however, the Wok and Grill items were excellent, desserts fabulous. Had Lichee martinis and they were perfect.

            Carol and Hal

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              OMG ! We took friends there last night for New Years Eve - We shared several appetizers which were great, I expecially liked the Rock Shrimp Tempura (I think that is wat it was called it was served in a pastry shell) delicious, also had the Crispy Grand Marnier Prawns, Asian spice crustred calamari and baby back ribs - all very good.

              But the BEST of the entire night was the Ishiyaki Stone Grill Filet Mignon. Presentation was very impressive - paper thin Filet Mignon served to you raw with a sauce, rice and veggie. They put a small square flaming grill on table -not a hibachi but a small grill with a flat stone on top and you cook your filet on it. The Filet actually melts in your mouth it was so tender. This has to be my new favorite dish. Another group of people saw the dish being served to me and they ordered it also, We compared notes when I was leaving the restaurant and they raved about it also.

              Of course I had my LIchee Martini again and still love it. Service, as on previous visits was perfect - they make you feel so welcome, even though they were expremsly busy. On a final note, they are a little costly, but well worth it (remember I said little costly not EXPENSIVE)

              Will definately go back and highly recommend it to everyone

              Carol and Hal

        2. Each time I see this thread title I keep reading it as *ganja* and think "This sounds like my kind of place."

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            Yah, me too Bob. When I first saw the title of the original I though the thing!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Pea Pod was my favorite Chinese restaurant, and then I discovered what has taken its place- Ganga. My father actually took me to Ganga a couple months ago. I giggled at the name, but it is actually pronounced with two short "g's" like the word "grass" (no pun intended). Anyway, I am an avid sushi eater, so I have been to Japanese restaurants and sushi bars all over, and in many different states, as well. Ganga is by far my favorite. The sushi is spectacular (I recommend the "sweet plus" roll- it's shrimp tampura with spicy tuna on top. Liked by all different tasting styles, adventurous or not so adventerous.) I've never eaten anything else there but sushi, so I don't know how their meals taste, but they look absolutely delicious when they are served to other customers.

              Their service is also something to rave about. They have the sweetest waiters, chefs, and management. Once my boyfriend and I had come to Ganga for lunch during their break hours (The kitchen is closed at a certain time and opens again at 4:30), and we had no idea. The Sushi chef was happy to make the sushi for us, anyway. Sometimes, if I sit at the sushi bar with my dad, they even give us a free interestingly delicious appetizer.

              Lastly, the atmosphere is great. I do love "hole-in-the-wall" sushi restaurants, but when I come to Ganga, I feel like I am actually going out to dinner and having a great time- Almost like I have taken a quick train to dine in Manhattan. They have a bar, sushi bar, fish tank, bamboo-looking borders behind the host stand, and there are tables to sit outside, as well- along with a party room upstairs. Again, it's cool and fun, but not too over whelming. Wow, reading this, I think I may be obsessed with Ganga

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                    One Hit Wonder. Usually someone who leaves a rave review of a restaurant, but it's their only post, ever.