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Dec 5, 2009 11:15 AM

Leftover cranberry ideas...

A friend brought a homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving - all it is is cranberries mixed with sugar and water and microwaved to gel. No one ate any but her, so we have about a cup and a half of it left. I'm not a huge fan of cranberries in general, but I like them in breads...what can I do with this stuff? I'm thinking of just adding a little orange peel and making bread, but I have no idea of the proportions or anything. Any ideas?

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  1. Not a bread, but you can add it to yogurt. Maybe if you like it in bread you would like it stirred into hot oatmeal. Youcould also chop up some apples and nuts and have a tasty bowl of oatmeal.

    Here's a recipe for cranberry sauce muffins

    Here are a few others - cranberry sauce nut bread, plain cranberry and one using frozen bread dough,185,1...,184,1...,194,15...

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      I also have been eating it half and half with Greek yogurt, nice change for breakfast. I'll have to try it in oatmeal tomorrow. I made two kinds but everyone ate the canned (peons!)

    2. This apple-cranberry crumb pie is excellent and easy, and uses cranberry sauce, just for a non-bread idea that might appeal.

      1. I got into making cottage cheese pancakes then adding small droplets of the cranberry sauce just prior to flipping them, turned out great.


          I made this super easy cranberry-nut bar w/our leftover sauce sub'ing the corn syrup for brown rice syrup and managed to use that up too. They were very good.

          1. spread it in a layer in a bread pudding? i do this with my croissant bread pudding and a layer of crumbled fruitcake.

            teaspoon of the cranberry sauce in a cosmopolitan?