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Looking for good store-bought kimchi

I found a recipe for quesadillas that calls for store-bought kimchi. Since I know very little about Asian food, I thought I would solicit your recommendations. Which brand should I get? Would it be available at stores like Mitsuwa or Simpang Asia (i.e., on the Westside)? Thank you for your help!

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  1. I have not purchased kimchi in a bottle for a long time but it is likely that Mitsuwa has it. They may not have more than one or two brands. HK Supermarkets (Korean) has all kinds at a self serve counter which might help because you can purchase only the amount you need. I presume you want the type that is just nappa cabbage. I think the stuff at HK is spicier than what I remember from the ones carried at the Japanese markets.

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      honestly, i'm korean and i love the costco kimchi. the brand is cosmos i think. cheap, easy, yay.

    2. I'd go to one of the Han Nam markets. Their homemade kimchi, besides being fresh, tasty and cheap, is markedly lower on salt content than the bottled brands (which I can no longer tolerate).

      IIRC Mitsuwa markets may or may not have fresh kimchi but it will be pricey. If you must get the bottled variety, try King's 'hot' (made near SF) at Ralphs or F4L.

      Hannam Super Market
      2740 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

      Hannam Market
      3030 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505

      1. Joe's Kim Chee or Kohala brand from hawaii

        1. what's the name of the korean market at the shopping center, 3rd and alameda - used to be mitsuwa and yaohan.

          1. I've had good luck at the California Market, specifically at the one on Beverly Blvd,, with their kimchi self serve.

            I love their BBQd galbi as well.

            1. I love the Kimchee Pickles that the Vendor at the Mar Vista/Hollywood Farmer's market offers... they are a bit pricy, but are so sparkly and crisp... they'd be awesome in the Quesadillas...


              1. There's a place I drive by everyday on my way to work, on the south side of 6th, near Western, called "Nancy's Mom's Kimchi" or something like that. Looks really good, although I haven't yet tried it. (Maybe someone else has?)

                1. I agree with everyone who recommends Cosmos kimchi. I first bought it at the Beachwood Market and have seen it at the Korean grocery stores as well. It has a very fresh taste and is made here in LA.

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                    Thank you all for your recommendations. I may try to make it at home some day, but for now, I will go for one of these.

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                      I also recommend Cosmos kimchi. Labels of some other brands show WATER high on the list of ingredients.

                    2. Depending upon your level of interest in and need for Kim Chi, you may want to consider a drive down to Garden Grove for some of the best (commercial) I've had:

                      Seoul Do Sun Yi Kim Chi
                      9972 Garden Grove Blvd.
                      Garden Grove, CA 92844
                      (714) 638-5424

                      Various Kim Chi’s, all freshly prepared, if there’s any such thing. "Fresh Kim Chi" is somewhat of an oxymoron. Like most fine wines and cigars, it needs to age before its true character and nuances of taste emerge. Some of the best in Korea has been buried underground in clay pots throughout the winter months (even longer) before consumption.

                      Seoul Do Sun Yi's product offers excellent taste and quality. Be sure to pick up a jar of their home made Shi Kye, the Korean rice water drink of champions. Very reasonable prices. Great take-home glass jars.

                      I'm quite serious about my Kim Chi.

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                        i completely agree...this is the only kimchee I never get tired of. I believe it's the grandma's recipe. Recently we just opened the kimchee at the perfect time of ripeness, where you get the tingling bubbly champagney feeling from the fermented gas nestled in every crevice. Awesome. The only comparable kimchi I've had is at random restaurants, which will allow you to purchase from them usually.

                      2. Marukai in gardena has a small refrigerated section next to the sushi fish with a number locally sourced kimchi options that tastes homemade. I like the napa the best.