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Dec 5, 2009 10:55 AM

Help!!..Thinking of moving to Middle Village/Maspeth area.

Trying to find out what's in the area??
Best Restaurants??
place for pizza
burger and a beer
craft beers??
wine bars
place to just hang
take out??
any thing that's interesting??
Let me know what I shouldn't miss??

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  1. My parents have lived in Middle Village for nearly 50 years. While I don't live there now, my husband & I visit at least once per year. Here are some of our favorites:
    pizza: Rosa's in Maspeth
    bagels: Bagelette (I think it's considered in Rego Park)
    Chinese: Golden Harbor (mostly take-out, only a couple small tables, in Middle Village)
    Anything that's interesting: the following are all in Rego Park, at/near the intersection of Queens Blvd. and 63rd Drive:
    Tangra Wok for Indo-Chinese (Haka noodles and Gobi (cauliflower) Manchurian are great!)
    Istanbul for Turkish (LOVE the vegetarian appetizer platter!)
    Ben's Best for REAL Kosher Deli food, especially the pastrami sandwich
    There are also a number of ethnic food stores on 63rd Drive in this area including Israeli dried goods, Jumbo Market for assorted Asian foods, and several Polish?/Russian? delis and grocers (I especially like the one just south of the LIRR trestle).

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      there are so many rosa's and I just found a third (fourth?) one this past weekend! you got the two on metropolitan and also the one on fresh pond and there might be another one on eliot too. can't remember but I did like the one that's near grand and the LIE; the big brightly lit one with the big sidewalk windows.

    2. you shoudl check out walters delicatessen. and those bakeries like glendale bakery. iavarone bros too.

      I just found out the library has 24 hour drop off. I wish I knew about this earlier...

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      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Good Luck ! I just move here 2 years ago from Astoria .
        Pizza - I like Carlo's , Rosa's, Nick's Pizza
        Place's for dining , , Zum Stammtish , Barosa,London Lennies,Albreto's Dee's,Pio Pio
        wine bar- Danny Browns
        Deli - Andy's or Walters
        Butcher's all ok but none sell Prime ???
        Chineses Golden Harbore or Grand Taste
        Trader Joes and Stop and Shop for Supermarktes
        Juniper Valley park is great

        1. re: FAL

          thanks for the help...if there's any other idea's would love to hear them.
          What about a beer and a burger??

          1. re: wonka

            Donovan's ,O neils is so so.

            1. re: wonka

              Wonka did you move here yet ??????

              1. re: FAL

                No, not yet....hopefully in the next few months.

              2. re: wonka

                Try Danny Boy's on Dry Harbor Road, burger is better than Donovan's and the rest of the menu is great.

                Danny Boy's
                64-56 Dry Harbor Rd, Queens, NY 11379

          2. My favorite Middle Village restaurant is Uvarara on Metro near 80th. Technically a wine bar, but excellent small plates and entree specials. Good selection of reasonably priced wines as well. I use Iavarone (on Grand, NOT Metro) for meat and cheeses and bread if I don't drive in to Williamsburg. Good luck.

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            1. Trying to find out what's in the area??

              All on Grand Ave

              Best Restaurants?? I like CONNOLLY'S CORNER on Grand. I have been there for a burger, and for a holiday meal. I have always been happy with the food and the service.

              place for pizza I like Joey's (sesame Crust)

              bagels CS Bagels

              laundry there are a few places ... not sure which is best.

              burger and a beer CONNOLLY'S CORNER

              craft beers?? Not sure.. mostly Irish bars in the area

              Chinese - all the local places are ok take out -- but for real Chinese -- go to Elmhurst (about a mile away)

              wine bars Hush (not really a wine bar)

              place to just hang CONNOLLY'S CORNER, Hush

              take out?? My fave is Wakumatsu - the local Japanese / Sushi Restaurant

              any thing that's interesting?? It is an old time New York Neighborhood -- great delis (Polish, Italian, and German) limited chain stores. If you drive -- it is minutes from NYC

              1. middle village is near enough to Hot Bialy & Bagel in Kew Gardens.