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Where to find a great steak for a decent price in the city??

Hi folks,

I am looking for a steakhouse that has either a fantastic ribyeye or a NY strip for a decent price. I am not looking for anything like Morton's, Prime, or Flemings. Any where in Boston. Thanks!

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  1. I don't think its possible for you to get great steak + decent price + steakhouse in Boston. Narrow down to two of the criteria instead and you may get some legit suggestions.

    1. Houston's has a very good Rib-eye for about $30. Think they use Choice.

      1. I'd recommend Franks on Mass Ave. Cambridge, very consistant and a good value.

        1. I will tell you the steaks at the Longhorn are v. good. They are part of the Capital Grill group I have been told. I just don't particularly enjoy the space.

          Longhorn Steakhouse
          401 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02215

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            They are but, don't think you're going to get a dry aged steak at LH's.

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              capitol serves wet-aged. lh serves some choice cuts.

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                No Capital serves USDA Choice dry-aged, as you enter there is a display case showing off their goods.

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                  I think they replaced the aging cave in the front window with a wine walk in unfortunately.

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                I don't think I was implying that the steaks are exactly the same. I was just saying they're v. good for that price point.

            2. I don't think you can get a truly great steak at a low price. It doesn't work that way.

              For a truly great steak, you'll have to spend the $$$$ at a place like Grill 23. Other restaurants, such as L'Espalier and Locke-Ober will also have excellent steak. Otherwise, you can buy an excellent steak at Savenor's and cook it on your own!

              Howevver, for the best "bang-for-the-buck" steak, I would recommend the Stockyard. in Brighton Not Franks. Franks has a comforting atmosphere, but their steaks are sub-par.

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                I stopped eating the steak @ The Stockyard and turned to the Longhorn because the steaks went down hill. Have you been lately? I much prefer the space there.
                Having said that, I'm a total steak frites junkie at the moment!

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                  Honestly, I haven't been to the Stockyard in about a year. Perhaps they've gone downhill, although I've been eating there for 15 years and they have seemed very consistent. Never fabulous, although they always have well butchered meat and will cook a steak very consistently --- medium rare comes out just right. My favorite steak there is the teriyaki steak, which is always very good quality beef.

                  Again, your best bet for a truly prime steak at a great price is to buy direct from a butcher and cook it yourself!

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                  it's not lack of creativity, it's economics. i imagine the guy owns his buildings and even if not, is not paying downtown rents. further, if the demand was there, somebody would do it. i have lived here and worked in restaurants for nearly 20 years. i don't recall ever getting this question from a guest.

                  boston is small and glutted with steakhouses. chefs of a more creative mind would rather cook something else.

                  personally, steak is the last thing i want when i eat out.

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                    He rents and not in the middle of nowhere--three storefronts in Arlington near subway, one in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland which has had a very hot retail market over the last decade. He has five or six storefronts now (including two planned in DC). I don't discount your expertise, which sounds extensive, but I do think it is about both creativity and economics. He doesn't waste money on sumptuous interiors and turns tables over quickly, neither of which are typical of most steak houses, including those here. I don't see why a creative steak restaurant like the one I'm describing couldn't open up in a similar neighborhood in or around Boston--Inman Square, Union Square, Charlestown all would work well for a place with high buzz and a following of educated, but not affluent, foodies.

                    I don't mean just creativity in the kitchen, though I do think that has a lot to do with it--I mean creativity in execution of a concept. I haven't seen anyone try anything this unusual here.

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                      rents in charlestown are no longer cheap, and my experience is that so-called "foodies" in boston aren't the ones filling the steak houses and don't have much desire for steak when they do eat out. steak was one of the slower sellers in the fine dining joints in which i have toiled.

                      maybe it's a regional thing? sounds like your guy has found a great niche in a receptive market.

                3. you won't get prime ribeye or ny strip at a decent price. impossible. less than 2% of all the beef produced in the us is prime. you can buy choice grade at good markets and not have to smell other people's bloomin' onions if you cook at home.

                  i'd recalibrate my expectations and shoot for a great steak frites or hanger steak someplace. i almost never eat beef, so others can be of better help there.

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                    Costco is selling prime ribeye steaks for $11/lb. and prime strip for $12/lb.

                  2. I would say Frank's in Cambridge is a good bet. Granted, you won't get the quality you would at a Grill 23 or Abe's, but they are consistent and the prices are reasonable. The folks who work there are very nice too, so overall, it's a place where you can get a decent steak, not spend a ton of $ and the people treat you well.

                    1. I've always liked the steak frites at central kitchen, which is a rib eye.

                      1. Brasserie Jo has a great steak frites. You may want to look at Gaslight as well.

                        1. How about Jimmy's Steer House, in Arlington? Its kind of out of the way (but on a local bus route) and the crowd runs towards geriatric, but it's definitely going to be a better value than anywhere downtown.

                          1. I had a great steak frites at the Paramount on Charles a little while back. Not sure which cut they used, but it was excellent. And only $20ish if I remember correctly.

                            1. I've had an incredible steak at Ten Tables. Some variation is usually on the menu at both locations.

                              1. I also do not think you can find "a fantastic ribeye or a NY strip for a decent price" in Boston or its surrounds unless you consider $35+ a "decent" price. I had a great strip sirloin at Prezza but it was around $46...gasp! If you want a fantastic ribeye or sirloin, I suggest you spend anywhere from $9-$15 per lb and grill it yourself...though it is getting a bit chilly outside.

                                1. I would agree that above going anywhere, buy it yourself and make it at home. That is where you'll notice more of a savings.

                                  1. I don't think you can find a great ribeye or NY Strip for a decent price;in Boston or anywhere else.

                                    I'll suggest you drop down in "cut" and look for "lesser cuts" like hangar or skirts. Not as fancy a cut but wonderful flavor and a maybe a little more chew.

                                    You can get "less than prime" at Longhorn or whatever..but I think you'll enjoy a different cut at some of the French places that have been mentioned....Acquitanes is particularly good.

                                    Drop down from the luxury cuts and you can eat very well.

                                    1. I have not been in a long time, but have had excellent steak at of all places, Papparazzi. Less than $30.

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                                        Actually, pemma, good point...I've had good steak at the BBRG restaurants besides Abe & Louie's. While again, not the exact quality as the finer dining spots, you can get a good price on for a good steak at Charley's or Papparazzi, etc.

                                      2. You can get a Brandt prime top butt at Davio's for $28. Closest thing to strip for a good price. I'd agree with other posters, though and find a skirt, flatiron, bavette, sirloin cap or hanger.