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Dec 5, 2009 10:01 AM


What’s going on with my fav place Romados?

The last three times I have been it was poor.

The oil is no longer spicey, often the chicken is burnt and tasteless, fries cold and it’s just lost its edge.

The renovations are nice but it does nothing to speed up the line.

Having one counter person during a busy Thursday lunch is crazy. The sweet lady behind the counter even told me " When theres a long line I get nervous and lose my head"

The wait was 20 mins to get served and my colleagues were willing to put up with the wait but no longer interested in returning because of the past unfavorable experiences.

Has Romados lost its shine or am I just really unlucky?

Rotisserie Romados
115 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1C8, CA

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  1. Yeah, I was there last Sunday -busiest day of the week- and there was only 1 person at the counter for half my wait til someone else hopped up. I was about to say something to a cashier, because the damn line had barely moved in 20. It went pretty quickly after that. (It was particularly wtf? because I've seen 2 guys on the counter on a slower lunch like Monday or Tuesday since the renos.)

    20 mins isn't too bad for the late-week lunch rush, though, and it's always busier later in the week. Try going past 1 if you can.

    Speed of service and amount of piri sauce varies with who's behind the counter, for sure. The old lady is best -super quick, and tons of sauce.

    I haven't noticed the food quality going down. I think you just got unlucky on that count.

    1. Just to say Romados was amazing today. I mean, wow, they outdid themselves. Super crisp skin without any charring, succulent, moist chicken, just the right amount of sauce, tons of pieces (almost two drumstick/thighs for 1). Fries were great as always, but again, even better than usual - no overcooked bits in sight. Even the salad was noticeably fresher and not showing any suffering from the heat.

      Amazing. Man I love that place.

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      1. re: Shattered

        It can be hit or miss, but mostly hit nowadays. Renovations and expansion in the staff no longer guarantee what used to be .....that's the way of the world. I shed a tear each time it is s miss.....

        1. re: spankyhorowitz

          Last time I was there a few months ago it was on. They were generous with their portion of chicken, I ordered 1/4 and it was more like 1/2 that I was served since it was a smaller chicken. Rotisseries Portugalia was on the flip side disappointing as their 1/4 chicken barely had any meat on it.

      2. Bumping this thread to ask a question: how much is the whole chicken at Romados and does it come with anything? I'm thinking of picking up a few birds for a get together. Hopefully, the regulars will recall this info.

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          1. re: celfie

            I will, I just wanted to plan ahead, in case anyone remembered. No biggie.

          2. re: hungryann

            It's been a while but I'm thinking it was something like $6 or $7 for a whole bird?? And I don't think it comes with anything but you can order fries or salad or whatever on the side. Last time I couldn't believe how many fries they crammed into a "medium" bag. When I dumped them out at home they covered a big dinner plate!

            1. re: stak

              There's no chance a full chicken is only $6-7.

              1. re: stak

                It used to be 10$ but I think it's up to 11$ since the renos.

                1. re: chickenbruiser

                  Stupid question, they cut it into pieces for you, or do you have to ask?

                  1. re: sweettoothMTL

                    They always cut it into pieces... I think you ask if you don't want it cut.

                2. re: stak

                  I called and they told me it's 12.10$ tax in and it doesn't come with anything.

                  1. re: stak

                    Stak, you're thinking of the quarter chicken leg w/ fries, that's $7; breast is $8. Actually, it's $7.05 since taxes went up this year. Also a ridiculous deal, it's more like 1/3 of the bird with a ton of fries (as good as any fries in town most days, too, imo). So delicious. Sooooo delicious.

                    1. re: Shattered

                      Oops, I guess that's what I was thinking. Or else it's been a lot longer than I thought since i was there last! I really thought they had a whole chicken for under $10 because I remember thinking it was not much more than buying one and cooking it myself. Oh well, still a good deal in my books...unless it's gone downhill as much as it would appear from the comments.

                3. They've slipped imo and haven't been the same ever since the reno. Like another poster, the last few times I've stopped in for take-out I've received an undercooked bland oily bird with little meat and surprisingly, pre-ready unlike previous visits where they'd cut and grill your order upon preference right in front of you. I haven't been back since the fall but it's been consistently less than great every single visit since they've reopened that I wouldn't even bother heading out to the plateau from the southwest for lunch anymore and I'd probably sooner stop at Portugalia, Coco Rico or Mavi if I were in the hood. I agree that they used to be the best around but I've been more than disappointed on each subsequent visit since they expanded.

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                  1. re: OliverB

                    I agree. I wonder if the whole chickens are going to be as bad though.

                    1. re: OliverB

                      Disagree. I go every 2-3 weeks, and it's still awesome, the best in town by far. The one time I went to Portugalia (before their renos) I got a dry bony leg. Combined with the ridiculous order-ahead policy, I couldn't be bothered again.

                      Coco Rico is comparing apples & oranges: it's rotisserie style, not grilled (& it's way too salty). Never heard of Mavi.

                      Coco Rico
                      3907 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1X9, CA

                    2. Romados... awesome, no doubt. For the price, it's killer. (Especially when the nice old lady blows a kiss after you get your order.) The time it takes to get it? A bit less killer, but what you gonna do?

                      But it's true that the chicken can be a bit dry sometimes. I think it is because they cook the birds, then put them in those heated drawers. When someone orders one, they quickly heat it up (read: further drying the bird out after it has had time to drain its juices), then serve it up. Not a horrible practice, as I don't think the chickens have much time to dry out due to the high bird turnover. But, that might explain why you get one that's a bit thirsty every once and a while.

                      If you're just in it for the chicken, go to Portugalia (coin Clark/Rachel). Well, call first – you gotta order your chicken about 45 mins in advance because they cook the bird to order. For juicy chicken, it's totally worth it. Their fries really suck, though. This is where the meal deal at Romados takes the cake.

                      All in all, Romados is great value, as, in my experience, it's more hit than miss. Shit, $10 for a mountain of delicious food? Yes, please.

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                      1. re: Gary Biscuits

                        >every once in a while

                        I have only ordered the quarter chicken meals and they were all quite dry.
                        Only started going to Romados last summer

                        1. re: Gary Biscuits

                          She's not that old maybe mid 50's. Her name is Maria and she a sweet heart.
                          Last knews I heard she wasn't working at ramados anymore. Someone mentioned she moved to the one on Mont-Royal and St-Denis calle piri-piri but when I went she wast there neither.
                          Anyone knows of her whareabouts. She treats you like family. Great human being.

                          1. re: maj54us

                            Oh absolutely. She was a total sweetheart. I meant nothing but admiration in my post. It was always lovely to chat with her while she hacked a chicken into bits. And, yeah you're right. I haven't seen her there in a while. I figured she WAS Romados.

                            1. re: Gary Biscuits

                              didn't see anything bad in your post.. Hope we spot her again.

                            2. re: maj54us

                              Yep, I saw her at Piri Piri but I've only been there once, back in Sept. She's awesome, but it's outta my way and bottom line, chicken is still better at Romados.

                              1. re: Shattered

                                appaprently not lately :( Makes me hesitate to go to Romados.

                                Before going to Romados used to go to portugalia, but those guys are so Happy to see you that they must be cousins of the soup nazi. Actually the soup nazi had personality.