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Who has the best convenience store coffee/hot chocolate/food selection?

I find myself often stopping in convenience stores for that ubiquitous cup of coffee and invevitably find myself thinking it is disgusting (along with most everything else in a convenience store). But, there must be a convenience store chain that does have some good coffee and maybe some decent other stuff too?

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  1. i'm happy with 7-11's coffee, as i can add in steamed milk, use 100% colombian coffee, and use real half-n-half. "doctoring" materials are there, too: chocolate, vanilla powders, cinnamon, nutmeg. a very large coffee for under $2 that is quick to get (cf. starbucks), and i'm good to go. they have a variety of coffees, too, including one that has an extra kick (extra caffeine?). they're pretty much fresh all the time, because of turnover.

    actually, today, i was pleasantly surprised by burger king's coffee. (and for a laugh, i have to note that the "out" door at burger king has the little sign "buh-bye"). another btw, their zesty sauce (i guess it comes with the onion rings?) is pretty zesty -- and pretty good. next time i'll get some for my junior whopper.

        1. My first choice when on the road is any Pilot Truck stop. The coffee is superb and they have many choices, and flavored creamers. Even their tea is upscale, actual cloth bags in the vinyl envelope.

          BTW>>The coffee concessions at the Pilot Truck stops are operated by Sara Lee. The are shopped regularly to ensure compliance and freshness.

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            Definitely Pilot Truck stop.
            I stop at the one in Hesperia on the way back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas every trip.

            Large selection of coffees and during the summer's they have specials on Icee's....large 32 oz. size for 89 cents. They have a Wendy's at that location...sometimes I get a cup of their chili which isn't shabby.

            From their website:
            "Pilot has the largest franchise of Subways with over 120 across the country"

            Pilot locations:

          2. I second the coffee at 7-11. It's actually really good. It's typically not burnt or scalding hot and I do appreciate the real half-n-half. I will say that the 7-11's in the Northeast take take the coffee making a bit more seriously. I live in S. Florida now and the coffee here is not as great.

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                  my DH lives on Wawa's coffee! I like the coffee, I just don't like their creamers. i've always been a 7-11 fan, but the ones near us are lousy.
                  Wawa has great "build your own" sandwich options, and some are starting to carry breakfast sandwiches as well.

                2. Someone replied WaWa and it was taken off....I think the CH staff thought it was unrelated. But, Wawa is a chain of gas stations/convenience stores through NJ, PA and I'm sure some other states too. Can't say anything about their coffee but, wanted to clear it up for that person.

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                    I agreee that Wawa has a really good selection of coffees, including Peruvian and Columbian blends. They also offer Light Cream, which is a step up from the half-and-half. Coffees in my area of NJ are always fresh and good...VERY reasonable, too.

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                      i like exxon coffee, havent had wawa in a while even though theres a wawa 1 minute from my house. i like exxon tiger marts iced coffee.

                      wawas has cheap subs though.

                      a lot of nj people here.

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                        From Wikipedia....
                        " The chain's name comes from the site of the company's first milk plant and corporate headquarters in Wawa, Pennsylvania. The name of the town is in turn derived from the Ojibwe word for the Canada Goose (taken from "The Song of Hiawatha"). An image of a goose in flight serves as the Wawa corporate logo."

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                          Eh, they should have just gone with "Goosie's" :)

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                      Wawa extends into MD and VA, as well, to just south of Richmond. They pretty much stick to the eastern third or so of each state (including PA). Good coffee, lotsa varieties, generally friendly.

                      I've also had good luck with Sheetz, a similar chain which basically exists in the parts of PA, MD, and VA where Wawa isn't, and extends into parts of NC. (Richmond is one of the few places where Sheetz and Wawa compete head-to-head.)

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                        "Richmond is one of the few places where Sheetz and Wawa compete head-to-head"

                        Being a true 'hound I've been known to go to Wawa for coffee and Sheetz for a breakfast sandwich and hashbrowns. Wawa doesn't have bad breakfast food but they have awesome coffees and cocoas; Sheetz's coffee can be meh but their breakfast sandwiches are outstanding. Best of both worlds!

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                          We live down the street from a Sheetz.. Mrs. W and I have drunk A LOT of Sheetz coffee. They sell a ton of it so it's never stale. I mean I have never had a stale cup of joe there in seven years of living near this Sheetz.

                          As for the food, the subs are meh but the breakfast sandwiches are indeed very good. They also have great blueberry muffins and yogurt parfaits that are a very good deal @ $1.99.

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                          Wawa & Sheetz are very competitive here in the SE part of Pa.
                          Both have good coffee, but my wife prefers the Wawa selections.
                          The other competitor in this area, Turkey Hill, has lousy coffee IMO.

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                            Depends on where you draw the line for "SE PA". They both exist around Lancaster (but it seems that all the Wawas are east of town) and Reading. AFAIK, the only Sheetz east of that line are the one in Bethlehem and a couple around Scranton. I wish they'd venture into Chester County!

                            Completely agree about Turkey Hill. Poor coffee, and they seem less friendly, on average. And they lack another key feature of both Sheetz and Wawa: no-fee ATMs!

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                            SheetZ also has locations in Eastern Ohio. There is one in Cambridge, at least. They get my vote.

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                              I was the original Wawa poster. Why some much censorship on CH--and they got it wrong!

                              Wawa's great coffee got me through grad school.

                            2. 7-11 and Krispy Kreme are good for coffee.

                              1. Third 7-Eleven. Good stuff with lot's of options to add to the cup.

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                                  Wawa is definetly #1, if not them than Sheetz, than sadly mostly around here in Baltimore we just have gross Royal Farms. Wawa is not quite as widespread. But I agree with others; Wawa is #1 for their coffee/drinks (and subs off-topic I know but hey)

                                2. Two favorites here:

                                  On-the-go...Speedway Gas Stations;
                                  Sit-down meal...Denny's

                                  1. 7-11. I think they are on a brew schedule to keep it fresh at all times. And you can buy it by the 1# bag at prices competitive to grocery store brands, ie, Folgers, etc.

                                    1. I am fortunate to now live in the Midwest where there are QuikTrips. QuikTrip is undoubtedly the best convenience store in the world, with excellent coffee, drinks, sandwiches and snacks so good that people go there for lunch and eat in their cars. See you later, 7-11. Waa-waa, WaWa. QuikTrip is worth the drive, even if you have to go to Texas to get to one.

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                                        Where in the Midwest? i've never seen them in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana.

                                        So, how long have you worked for them?

                                        1. re: Fibber McGee

                                          Their website says Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia. I am in Kansas City, where I do not work for them.

                                          1. re: Samalicious

                                            The Plains states, mostly. That explains my ignorance.
                                            A ringing endorsement is a ringing endorsement, so if my travels take me near one . . .

                                      2. The Holiday gas stations in this neck of the woods undoubtedly have THE best coffee!