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Dec 5, 2009 09:55 AM

Who has the best convenience store coffee/hot chocolate/food selection?

I find myself often stopping in convenience stores for that ubiquitous cup of coffee and invevitably find myself thinking it is disgusting (along with most everything else in a convenience store). But, there must be a convenience store chain that does have some good coffee and maybe some decent other stuff too?

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  1. i'm happy with 7-11's coffee, as i can add in steamed milk, use 100% colombian coffee, and use real half-n-half. "doctoring" materials are there, too: chocolate, vanilla powders, cinnamon, nutmeg. a very large coffee for under $2 that is quick to get (cf. starbucks), and i'm good to go. they have a variety of coffees, too, including one that has an extra kick (extra caffeine?). they're pretty much fresh all the time, because of turnover.

    actually, today, i was pleasantly surprised by burger king's coffee. (and for a laugh, i have to note that the "out" door at burger king has the little sign "buh-bye"). another btw, their zesty sauce (i guess it comes with the onion rings?) is pretty zesty -- and pretty good. next time i'll get some for my junior whopper.

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          1. My first choice when on the road is any Pilot Truck stop. The coffee is superb and they have many choices, and flavored creamers. Even their tea is upscale, actual cloth bags in the vinyl envelope.

            BTW>>The coffee concessions at the Pilot Truck stops are operated by Sara Lee. The are shopped regularly to ensure compliance and freshness.

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              Definitely Pilot Truck stop.
              I stop at the one in Hesperia on the way back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas every trip.

              Large selection of coffees and during the summer's they have specials on Icee's....large 32 oz. size for 89 cents. They have a Wendy's at that location...sometimes I get a cup of their chili which isn't shabby.

              From their website:
              "Pilot has the largest franchise of Subways with over 120 across the country"

              Pilot locations:

            2. I second the coffee at 7-11. It's actually really good. It's typically not burnt or scalding hot and I do appreciate the real half-n-half. I will say that the 7-11's in the Northeast take take the coffee making a bit more seriously. I live in S. Florida now and the coffee here is not as great.