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Dec 5, 2009 09:55 AM

Best Smoked Salmon in Montreal - where to buy

I have been left with the task of buying smoked salmon for a large group of people for an event next weekend.

The problem: I don't eat smoked salmon, never bought it in my life!

Please help me smoked salmon lovers out there! I'd like to please those who will actually appreciate good smoked salmon!

Hopefully somewhere not too much of a trek, between where I live and the event - I'm near PA Supermarche on Avenue du Parc, and the event is near Musee des Beaux Arts.

If you happen to know the price, that would be handy, but it's not necessary.

I'm also getting bagels, cream cheese, drinks, etc....but that I feel more comfortable with making the decisions.


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  1. See this thread:

    Leméac, Nouveau Falerio and Antoine are near PA. New Victoria is more of a trek but offers better QPR.

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    1. re: carswell

      Thanks carswell!

      If I can't get to New Victoria, which would you choose from the other 3?
      Do you happen to know if the Leméac give you a whole fish, or one side?


      1. re: carswell

        I found the smoked salmon from Leméac to be nice but VERY mild. I prefer it to be a little more... uhhh, strong?

        1. re: The Chemist

          Really? I find the Leméac salmon has a deep, East Coast-style hickory smoke flavour, the fish suitably meaty and quite oily. (As opposed to the flimsy, flavourless pink stuff you find in bagel bakeries etc.)

          Still haven't had New Victoria, partly because I was so impressed with Leméac's salmon. And at $55/side ($60 sliced), I thought it was well worth the price even if not exactly cheap. (Just pay a visit to the fishmonger at Atwater Market to see what expensive looks like. But they do have something smokier, if you want.)

          1. re: Mr F

            I had it recently when a friend brought a bunch to a party. It seemed very plain to me, which is not entirely a bad thing if you prefer it that way. I don't have a huge history with smoked salmon to compare this against but the other examples that I have sampled have been much stronger in flavor. Again, this could be good or bad depending on who you ask. I did find the Leméac salmon to have a good texture and other nice qualities. I did eat a bunch of it, after all. =D

      2. My go-to place for what I think is just about the tastiest smoked salmon is New Victoria Fish on Victoria Avenue just south of Van Horne in the Cote Des Neiges district. It is sliced to order and the person slicing (owner?) will give you a nice slice to taste. This salmon is silky melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and for the quality is reasonably priced at $39.80/kg. Although it's obviously not in your area, it's quite accessible by bus or metro if you don't have a car. Take any Park Avenue bus north to Van Horne, then transfer to the 161 westbound and get off at Victoria. Alternatively, New Victoria is just across the street from the Van Horne exit at the Plamondon stop on the direction Cote Vertu metro line. Hope this helps.

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        1. re: davyboy

          161 bus also has eastern terminus at métro Rosemont and passes in front of métro Outremont (of course its western terminus is in Côte-St-Luc).

          1. re: lagatta

            Thanks guys, looks like the Côte-Sainte-Catherine bus is the most direct and simple for me, if I end up being able to go to New Victoria Fish. Thanks for giving me the price, davyboy!

          2. re: davyboy

            Yes, These guys have been around forever. I remember my grandmother bringing me here when I was a kid. I get my smoked salmon exclusively from them.

          3. I'm going to have to agree with carswell and davyboy, definitely worth the trek.......and this is coming from a Laval girl!

            1. If you just want to hit PA Park Ave they have a really good out of house smoked salmon. I can't remember the brand name but it's sold in a cardboard package with a window and comes with a Vodka option. I've only had the regular and it's really good, never frozen I believe. I think it's around 5.49 for 80 or 100 grams. When they first had it there they were selling it for 3.99 or 4.49 and I consumed huge quantities. An easy, very tasty, go to option for you in your neighbourhood.

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              1. re: everyonelovessushi

                Central-Epicure is the brand that's great at PA. Never frozen.

                1. re: everyonelovessushi

                  While New Victoria may have the best Quality Price Ratio, it also has the highest Storefrontage to Number of Fish Varieties ratio (thus ensuring freshness, I reckon).

              2. I always called the New Victoria place "The Greek".

                Like in the sentence:" The best smoked salmon in Montreal can be found at the Greek..."

                The people there aren't really Greek, huh?

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                  1. re: épikurien

                    The older gentleman who always seem to be scowling but is a sweetie once you talk to him is definitely Greek; I think he is the owner and I've heard him talk to the other employees in greek.