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Dec 5, 2009 09:49 AM

where to buy restaurant quality prime rib to cook at home in LA?

I'm heading down to LA for XMAS w/ my family (Brentwood to be specific) to grandma and grandpas house. Last year, my dad bought a horrifically fatty, gristly prime rib from a reputable butcher near his office in Santa Clarita. It was practically inedible. I told him I would find a better place to buy the prime rib this year.

So LA hounds, please tell me where you can get the best quality prime rib in LA to cook at home? And cooking suggestions also helpful. Ideally a place in West LA, but willing to drive for the best beef.

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  1. the prime prime rib @ costco is good, but not always available. they're usually in a blue styrofoam.

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      I agree that Costco meat is terrific.

    2. We've usually had very good prime rib from Gelsons Market in Marina Del Rey.

      1. Harvey's Guss ages his own prime beef and sells to many of L.A.'s best restaurants. You must order your beef 1 day in advance.

        Harvey's Guss Meat Co., 949 S. Ogden Drive, Los Angeles, (323) 937-4622. Midwestern beef, choice and prime; Napa and Colorado lamb; Kurobuta pork; game. Ages on premises.

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          Exactly and it's an excellent value for the price when compared to WF and other places...


        2. Please start a new thread with any cooking suggestions on the Home Cooking board You can leave a link to that new topic here, so luckygrlllll, and the rest of us, can find it. Thanks so much!

          1. Around the holidays, HOWS markets sell a prime rib roast for an unbeatable price. It may not be dry aged like you'd get at Harvey's Guss or Alexander's (in San Gabriel), but it's very good. They actually cut it away from the bone, trim it, then tie it all back together. They refer to it as the "Golden Lion." This has been a hit at our holiday dinners for several years now. I'm not sure what the price will be this year, but it's usually either 7.99 to 9.99 per pound. And it is PRIME beef.

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              I've been buying the USDA Prime rib roast from Hows for several years now, and I'd like to add one little tip:  Since the Hows meat department is staffed by pretty knowledgeable butchers during normal weekday hours, if you go in during this time you will be able to request a cut from the small end (the best end) of the primal with the exact amount of ribs you'd like.

              They'll do their "Golden Lion" prep if you ask for it (it's just a rolled rib roast), but I now ask them to just leave it on the bone (for better flavor ;-). Also, if you buy the roast in this manner you can cut it into rib steaks (entrecote), which IMO is one of the finest cuts for grilling at home!