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Sitar in Durham- The best Indian food I've had -probably ever in terms of consistency.

fara Dec 5, 2009 08:13 AM

Their weekend lunch and dinner buffet is so fresh and varied- I am loving this place. Many kind of vegetarian dishes, and usually some things apart from the old standards. last week they had some kind of pumpkin dish and also a chopped green bean dish, both not on their standard menus. The grilled meats are always very good. Just really good quality. Better than any buffet I had in NY in terms of the quality and variety.

Sitar Indian Cuisine
3630 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707

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  1. j
    Jeanne RE: fara Dec 9, 2009 12:58 PM

    Their weekly lunch buffet is excellent also - and very reasonable.

    1. b
      burgeoningfoodie RE: fara Dec 10, 2009 05:50 AM

      What other RDU Indian establishments have you tried? I won't argue with someone's personal opinion, but I will say that if I had visited each Indian place I've been to in the Triangle only once. For me, I would not put Sitar as the best.

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      1. re: burgeoningfoodie
        fara RE: burgeoningfoodie Jun 9, 2010 07:14 PM

        I've been to Dale's, Tandoor on Franklin st, Spice and Curry, and another place I can't remember the name of.

        1. re: fara
          burgeoningfoodie RE: fara Jun 10, 2010 06:36 AM

          Saffron I believe just opened a place in Chapel Hill, but it is not buffet (if that is your thing). Mint is pretty consistent in Chapel Hill too.

          1. re: burgeoningfoodie
            walras RE: burgeoningfoodie Jun 10, 2010 07:09 AM

            Had dinner at Saffron Chapel Hill (www.dineatsaffron.com) a couple of days ago. When I asked about the connection to the one in Morrisville, I was told there is none at all -- I infer a family squable or something.

            There were the usual new restaurant glitches -- "whose table is that" from servers, but it all worked out and the staff was helpful and courteous, if a bit raw. The food was ok -- had the chaat and the mixed grill to see if they were able to do simple things well. They were ok, not strongly flavored but reasonably tasty, though the tandoori fish was very dry, and the sheesh kebab was both spicy and and flavorless. Good breads and nice wine list by the glass. It would be more helpful if they noted on the menu what the entrees were accompanied with. We ordered raita and plain naan only to find that both were served with the meal. The room is quite lovely, and the decor is inviting -- they have a nice terrace as well, which was quite well patronized. No buffet at either lunch or dinner.

            All in all, a comfortable place, but it would appear from only one dinner that the food needs a bit of tweaking. At present, it is probably a work in progress. As it stands, the Morrisville Saffron and Chapel Hill's Mint are far more accomplished and tasty. We'll go back in a few weeks to see if there is some improvement.

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