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Dec 5, 2009 07:48 AM

Black Hoof Cafe

It looks as though the Black Hoof Cafe is opening today! It is across the street from the Black Hoof at Dundas and Grace/Gore Vale. The paper is off the windows and they were writing the menu on the chalkboard this morning. Open for lunch and then for the evening. Can't wait to try it out.

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  1. we swung by last night, before dinner at the Hoof, for drinks and 'crispy beans' which were totally awesome.

    Black Hoof
    928 Dundas St W, Toronto M6J, CA

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      I believe the restaurant being discussed is called Hoof Cafe...not Black Hoof Cafe...and it's at 923 Dundas West not 928...Marimba!

      The Hoof Cafe
      923 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1W2, CA

    2. Just came back from brunch there and it was wonderful. The decor is very shabby chic and clean. and thought the space is tiny there were luckily plenty of tables when we rolled in at 12:30pm. The menu is written on a chalkboard and comprises of things like Hoof Hash (made with tongue), Suckling Pig Benny, Rabbit & Buckwheat pancakes and Tongue grilled cheese.

      My fiance had the Suckling Pig Benny and I went for it with the Brioche French Toast topped with a slab of foie gras. I got a smile and a "Nice!"from the server when I added the foie gras. Always a good sign when the staff approves of your selection. My fiance had a latte and I got an especially fragrant and floral cup of Earl Grey tea. We sipped our drinks as we watched other's food come out, I sadly saw a few plain french toasts. Then the moment of truth when ours arrived. First off, both dishes were picture perfect, elegant and delicious looking without being overly fussy. The french toast included three pieces of beautifully grilled French toast topped with a perfectly seared piece of foie gras and garnished with ginger peach preserves. I eagerly took my first bite and was in pure bliss. The flakes of sea salt and the foie gras with the just sweet enough French Toast and ginger preserves was sublime. One of the most special meals I've had in a awhile. After nearly finishing mine, I asked for a bite of my fiance's gorgeous suckling pig that had been confited toped with w perfectly poached egg and a pickled jalapeno hollandaise. The side was fresh baby arugula topped with house made pork rinds. The pickled jalapeno gave it just the right amount of kick and really brought the whole dish together.

      The staff was gracious and clearly very proud of what they are doing here. Which they should be. As they serve your food they explain what everything is and how it's cooked which is nice as the chalkboard menu is a bit vague. I cannot wait to return to try the rest of the menu!

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      1. re: piccantedolce

        Hooray! What time do they open for lunch, and will they have the same evening hours as Black Hoof?

        1. re: ggom1

          I just got a tweet that said:

          "Hoof cafe serves brunch thursday through to Monday from 10am-4pm drinks till 2am!!"

        2. re: piccantedolce

          we went to Black Hoof Cafe for lunch today. i haven't have the gastrointestinal nor mental fortitude to go to Black Hoof for dinner, so I thought that the Cafe may be a good way to try it out.

          First, the decor. really cute, lots of natural light, a beautiful eclectic-yet-homey cabinet behind the bar. the walls have a cute wallpaper on it and the lamps above the table are made from mason jars. seating is limited - around 10 tables.
          we went just before noon and it wasn't full, which was good for us.
          our server was, as described above, incredible knowledgeable and passionate about the food. she spent a lot of time with us, explaining what was in each dish.
          i ended up getting the tongue grilled cheese and the Mrs got the Eggs Benny.
          i ordered the large freshly-squeezed orange juice to drink.
          when our food arrived, the Mrs was immediately jealous of my order. I think that 2009/2010 will the the Year of the Tongue. i tried a sample at Zane's and, the next time i return, i will get a full sandwich. the tongue at Black Hoof is a different type of excellent, but for those who haven't had tongue, the best way to explain it is its a hot meat that melts in your mouth - reminds me of carpaccio, but better. the mix of tongue with the cheeses and dill were excellent. a fabulous sandwich. one bit of advice: if you are like me and curious about all foods but not necessarily brave about all foods - get the tongue sandwich and ignore that its called tongue. it puts smoked meat to shame since its so lean and tender and moist.
          the Mrs enjoyed her Eggs Benny, but wasn't doing cartwheels. her favourite part was the home-made biscuit the eggs were on. otherwise, she liked it a lot but didn't drool over it. she did, though, love my tongue sandwich.

          i think we have a new winner in Toronto's brunch scene, but its not the kind of place for everyone. i am trying to imagine taking my parents there for brunch and it ain't gonna happen. price-wise, its also not cheap. 2 meals and a juice plus tax and tip: $40.

          other notables on the menu:

          side-order of pork belly pastrami
          the french toast with fois gras ($25 for the meal, so not for those watching their wallet)
          rabbit pancakes

          1. re: atomeyes

            my party of 3 were there for lunch today too!
            i agree with everything atomeyes says above.
            the decor is beautiful and I love the bathroom sinks :0)
            I could sit on the ledge of the windows that look out onto Dundas street all day...

            The juice was fresh squeezed and the tea is loose leaf.
            We ordered 2 suckling pig bennies, the hash and the toast w/ goat butter and jam.

            I didn't get the benny but my co-diners thought it was one of the better bennies out there, though not comparable since it's too non-traditional. Of the dish components, they liked the biscuit the least. Comments were that it was too rich, dense and big. They said they would have preferred a smaller or lighter biscuit or an english muffin instead. The hollandaise had a pickled jalapeno in/over it and my one co-diner who normally turns away from pickles in general enjoyed it here. The benny was sided with mustard greens and crackling.

            I ordered the hash which is tongue and potatoes and onions cooked with a piquillo pepper sauce. 2 poached eggs are on top with mustard sprouts. The tongue at Hoof is the most tender I've ever had. The beefy flavour is nicely present without being off putting or overpowered by the piquillo sauce. My only complaint is I found it a bit greasy (though I accept it's somewhat the nature of hash...) so I would have liked a bit of toast or more sprouts.

            The toast is 4 slices of chewy, crusty baguette (?) that were grilled and sided with goat butter that looks like lard with black salt sprinkled over. The jam is strawberry and a bit gelatinous but perfectly spreadable and not too sweet. I didn't detect much sheepy/goatness in the butter but I liked that it was soft and melty.

            Service was also terrific from both knowledgeable servers.

            For 3 mains, 1 side, a tea, a coffee, 2 juices (1 lg , 1 sm) it came to $60 after tax and before tip. As mentioned above, it isn't cheap, but I felt the food quality was high enough that I felt the value was there.

            I would certainly return as I really want to try the tongue grilled cheese. They also have specials. Today's was blood sausage crepes with quince and quince maple syrup.

            1. re: chocabot

              Smoked Sockeye to share, Tongue grilled cheese for her, Foie French Toast for me.

              Hands down the best breakfast I have had in Toronto. Yes it was $100 after a couple of caesars each but even at that price I would recommend it any day.

              Can't wait to go back for the benny, rabbit pancakes, or basically anything else on the menu.

              1. re: downtownfoodie

                I went yesterday for lunch and it was pretty stellar. have some really nice photos from it too! I need to return for the benny, but we had about 1/3 the menu? something like that. Good stuff indeed.

                1. re: jlunar

                  i have been reading about the black hoof cafe since it opened. I was so eager to try it that I went by myself on Friday. It was about 11:30 a.m. and a few tables were taken so I sat comfortably at the bar. Water was served to me immediately. Of course, I didnt need time to see the menu as I knew from twitter what I was I going to have...french toast with foie gras, with brown sugar creme fraiche, apricot/ginger preserves and five spice powder. From the first bite, I was in heaven. It was perfect. Naturally I inhaled it. Paid for the bill and left knowing that I will return soon.
                  Very Soon.

          2. re: piccantedolce

            sounds like i would it enojy it, thanks for letting us know! im def gonna try it out.

          3. We finally went for brunch yesterday. Bone marrow donuts with cherries inside. Buckwheat and rabbit pancakes. Suckling pig eggs benny with jalapeno hollandaise. French Press with coffee. Dundas Street going by. It was spectacular! I can't think of anywhere with more delicious and interesting food!

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            1. re: Cup cake

              as an aside, that strip of Dundas that's east of Ossington is possibly becoming one of the more exciting foodie sections of toronto.
              some good coffee shops and Black Hoof x 2 will hopefully inspire more good gastro delights.

            2. I was there on Saturday for a late brunch. Ordered the caesar ($8) which is made w/ a marmite syrup. It was a good caesar although lacking any discernable marmite flavour. Frank's red hot was used instead of tobasco, lacking the vinegary bite of the latter. It could've also used a few extra dashes for spicing. The celery salt/kosher salt rimmed mixture made the drink for me, good quality salt was used.

              I sat at the bar, a little tight but I found it comfortable. Clientele was very hipster, just an observation, not holding it against them.

              I had the grilled cheese tongue sandwich ($12), which was done very well. The bread had a sweet brioche like quality to it, with grill marks applied. The tongue itself was delicious, machine sliced thinly. The cheese while good, I felt was a tad too mellow. A saltier sharper cheese would've given a stronger sodium kick. There were a few pickles attached to the toothpick holding the sandwich. They were very sweet, while good, it could've used more acidity.

              The suckling pig benny ($13) my friend had was a complete home run. Simply put a great dish. Since I only got a taste, it wouldn't be fair of me to write a detailed review.

              We also received the bone marrow donuts, the tartness of the cherry filling really did it for me. Another winner.....

              Ex cooks from Splendido and Canoe are working the kitchen at the Hoof Cafe, to give you an indication of the level of quality involved. I think it's well worth the price.

              I noticed the dinner/bar menu blackboard downstairs when I went to the washroom. Grilled beef hearts!!!!

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              1. re: aser

                Thanks for the review-they are on my brunch list for the New Year along with Niagara Street Cafe. I am very weird with any deviations from a classically executed hollandaise, although when I read "pickled jalapeno" along with that suckling pig, I could taste it in my mind. And although I love foie and french toast, I don't think I could handle that at brunch, especially with no acidity to balance things out (unless of course, there is an acid component to the dish). I'm confused about the the bone marrow donut, could you elaborate on the prep? Very, very curious...

                1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                  They're basically little balls of fried goodness, sprinkled w/ sugar on the outside. Bone marrow isn't a dominant flavour, cherry is. The marrow just gives it that fatty mouthfeel, keeping the donuts very moist.

                  The hollandaise is great, one of the best I've tasted in a while. Even though I only got one bite....

                2. re: aser

                  Grilled beef hearts!! Yummmmm! Really nice chewy texture! One of my favourite offals.

                  The Chinese marinated pigs heart in 'Lo Shui' soya sauce together with the tongue makes a great combo too. Pity the former is only available in places like Hong Kong.

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    My friend was at Black Hoof the other night and confirmed there is a grilled beef heart main also. So app at Hoof Cafe and main at Black Hoof.

                3. Went this past weekend and was quite happy. Will return soon.

                  Photos, menu, intro/extro:

                  Supposed to be a strong, earthy pork sausage of pig’s head and skin and a specialty of Lyon. So Google tells me. Reminded me more of breakfast sausage. Came on a bed of lentils, which were pretty tasty. I would say this was our least-favourite dish overall. Not bad, but everything else was just more to our taste.

                  French Press Coffee
                  They use 49th Parallel from BC. It’s quite mild/mellow and quite lovely just black, even if you’re a milk ‘n’ sugar kind of person. A perfect drink for a relaxed morning.

                  Pig Skin Soup
                  Thick and hearty, reminding us of a French pea soup. Came sided with baguette toast, and instead of butter, some delicious kind of porky fat was spread upon it. I had to refrain from eating it up since this was an early dish and I knew we had more coming…
                  Rabbit & Buckwheat pancakes
                  The smell when it hit the table was incredible. Quite a nice dish, but we couldn’t finish it. Chunks of rabbit were embedded within the pancake, but what I loved (and what gave off that heavenly smell) were what I assume are the slightly charred piggy/bacon curls on top. More of that please!

                  Pig tails ‘n’ grits
                  Tasting of a mild tomato with a gentle kick. Loved mixing that yolk in and taking a bite of the pork. A hearty and heavy dish. Maybe a bit too heavy for me in the morning with the addition of cheesy grits, though the hit of green onion every now and then helped to break things up.

                  Tongue grilled cheese
                  Looking more like a pastrami sandwich, but still really tasty. Lovely grill marks on the toasted challah(?). You can’t really tell from this photo, but the thinly-shaved tongue is piled high. Comes skewered with some sweet pickles. My preference would be some dill pickles instead.

                  Marrow side
                  Usually only one marrow per order, we were given two because the first one was small. Since there were three of us, I wasn’t going to complain. Tasty, as always, especially with that hit of Maldon sea salt. So good.

                  Caesar (drink
                  )Pink peppercorn, vodka, marmite syrup, horseradish. It had to be ordered. I kinda felt like it needed more bite. (ASER > Didn't taste the marmite either.) I think I preferred the one at Ceili Cottage (you’ll see it in a future post) better.

                  I also managed to get a shot of the kitchen and whom I think is Gran Van Gameren prepping sweetbreads.

                  The Hoof Cafe
                  923 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1W2, CA