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Make My Mom Happy- Brunch WIth MUSSELS

Going to take my mom out for brunch but what she really is craving is some good mussels. Does anyone have any GOOD recs for a spot that serves brunch with some great fresh mussels?
Thank you!

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  1. I'd recommend B Cafe (I've only been to the UWS location but there's one on the UES as well). We've been for dinner a couple of times (not brunch) and the food was really good with warm and informative service. It's more of a good neighborhood spot rather than "destination". DH had the mussels and thought they were very good.

    B. Cafe
    566 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

    1. in the UWS, B Cafe and Bistro Cassis both do brunch and mussels. i'm not much for seafood so i can't comment on how good they are at either place.

        1. Cafe de Bruxelles has a lovely brunch and the best mussels in the city.

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            2nd Cafe de Bruxelles, they do mussels umpteen ways.

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              I odn't know about the brunch they have, but the mussels are great, as are the frites. Reminds me that I need to get down there soon. I've always liked their apple/endive salad as a starter.

          2. Jubilee on E 54th which always specializes in mussels has them on their brunch menu too.

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              Second Jubilee. I don't know where they get their mussels, but they're magic.

            2. Citron on the UWS has a ton of mussels on their menu as well.

              But i 2nd the B Cafe recommendation!

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                Look into Markt. Great mussels and stupendous fries.

              2. not sure the hours they are open but flex mussels is an option.

                  1. jumping on the Jubilee bandwagon....also have amazing profiteroles--save room!