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Dec 5, 2009 06:37 AM

Breakfast ideas on the North Fork of LI?

Right now I'm sitting in Love Lane Kitchen, having a rather nice frittata.

Once a month until May, I'm going to be driving to the area to pick up a winter CSA farm share, and I'd like to stop for breakfast after. I enjoy LLK and will certainly stop here again (as I have more than a few times in the past) but I was hoping that someone could suggest some variety.

My criteria: I don't have a sweet tooth. For me, a muffin or pastry isn't breakfast. I definitely prefer the savory (thus the frittata, which has goat cheese and various greens in it), though I'd also go for the less-sweet sorts of French toast and pancakes (sans syrup and powdered sugar).

Also, I like breakfast to be a relaxed meal (slow-food sort of thing). No eggs on a roll or similar one-handed breakfasts.

I'd go east of Mattituck (I'm picking up from Garden of Eve farm, about 7 miles west of here), but not so far as Greenport or the like (unless something astonishing is available).

Any suggestions?

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  1. I think that the Cutchogue diner might be your kind of place. I'm not sure there are a ton of places on the North Fork for breakfast (Briermier, the home of sweet stuff, is strictly take out anyway), but I would also cruise Southhold's main drag. When I saw the title of your post, I was going to suggest LLK!

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      Ditto Cutchogue Diner...really charming too, the old fashioned railroad car type diner.

    2. Go down to Riverhead village, a few minutes directly south, and visit Star Confectionary which is a gorgeous old fashioned luncheonette that serves the best breakfasts and lunch. Then on Route 58, you have Lollys Hut right near the Chevy dealer (you'll think you're back in the 60s, funky with great food) (you'll probably pass right by it, the sign is really faded and it's the only original thing in the area besides Riverhead Raceway I think). Peconic Bay diner is very popular, across from the hospital. There's also a decent diner in town, why can't I remember the name, it's in one of those silver bullets, but not Spicys, further east on the same side. Unless you're looking for only upscale, these are all old fashioned solid kind of food places where you can sit for an hour or two and read the paper. They probably will all have a trick up their sleeve for you too, if you want. Just remembered, Farm Country Kitchen but not sure if they do breakfast, that's the kind of food you're experiencing at Love Lane Kitchen but a lot closer to the LIE.

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        I love this Turkish restaurant just next to the aquarium in Riverhead. It's on the river side, not the street side, and a little tricky to find, but they serve a Turkish breakfast!

        If you want to dine in the car, both Junda's in Jamesport and Blue Duck bakery in Southold (esp. for bread) are good bets.

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          The diner in town is the Riverhead Grill.

          On Osborne, just north of Polish Town is the bagel shop that has excellent egg sandwich specials.


        2. So far, the Cutchogue diner is sounding like a decent bet. Like I'd said, I don't want the breakfast sandwich or eating in the car experience, so the relaxed atmosphere of the diner sounds good. I hope it's more than scrambled eggs and sausage. For example, I'm the one who posted this:

          (featured not so long after on Diner's, Drive-Ins, and Drives on FN--coincidence???


          "Rosemary-lamb sausage, roasted garlic, tomato, spinach, and goat cheese omelette with buttermilk-dill toast and homefried potatoes." ([imagine Homer Simpson's mouth-watering sounds)

          OK, it doesn't have to be THAT fancy, but any time I go out (for any meal) I want it to be something I can't do easily at home. Today I made an omelet (just brought the eggs home from the Garden of Eve farm yesterday) with goat cheese (from Catapano dairy farm) and arugula.

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            I was back on the North Fork ahead of schedule, and I stopped at the Cutchogue Diner.

            It's certainly quaint, but as far as the food goes it can best be described as adequate. The omelet selections are VERY basic: mushroom omelets, onion omelets, etc. The least run-of-the-mill selection was on the specials board: spinach and feta, which turned out to be acceptable if nothing to ooh and ahh about. Not bad, nothing to tell people about.

            Sometimes, when you pass up something you like for something new, you can end up knocking your head in regret over the choice. This wasn't quite that: I'd have enjoyed LLK more, but the diner was an experience to file under "done it" and leave it at that.

            If I lived in the area, the diner would be an OK place to stop for breakfast periodically, but the LLK is still heads and shoulders over it and preferable when you're making a trip.

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              I have a feeling you're not going to find something that will knock your socks off the way you want, especially this time of year. The North Fork is still very old-fashioned despite a few upscale places starting to pop up. Maybe something in Greenport? (I tend to bypass the town but there must be something there).

              1. re: coll

                The question originally arose because I'm making monthly trips through May to Riverhead--a point about 6 miles west of Mattituck--to pick up a winter farm share. LLK is an OK drive from there (ten minutes). Another hour round trip... maybe not.

                There is a spot in Southold, Erik' Breakfast, but I don't know if it's open off-season, and I don't know if the menu is any more interesting than the diner's. And it isn't really that much less of a drive than Greenport, anyway.

                LLK is really just fine, really; in fact, I stopped by there for coffee on the way back (and to go to the cheese shop; I know people have had mixed experiences there, but I like the place, and they have this 5-year aged gouda I love). Just a glance at the menu board and I saw a bunch of things that piqued my interest. But I do like trying new places.

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                  Early lunch at Farm Country Kitchen would probably be something you'd like...panini and gourmet salads, some salmon dishes and that type of thing. And the view of the river in the back can't be beat.A bit south of exit 72, just before town. Give them a call, it says something about breakfast too, may be a new thing.


          2. Scott, if you can make it to Southold, I highly recommend the Country Corner Cafe (south side, just west of the IGA). While I haven't been there for breakfast, the lunches have been spectacular. Home-made fish and chips, great burgers, fries and rings, and club sandwiches, etc. The breakfasts get great reviews as well: . We stop here with the kids every time we head east.

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                I'm not sure if I've been there since September...That would be a huge disappointment to me and my family.

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                  I heard some good news from the owner -- they're re-opening in a new space a few blocks east sometime in May.

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                    re Lono37

                    I'm new in the North Fork, centered in Southold. Read all the posts eagerly, but would like to have some input on takeouts for dinner. Is that Chinese restaurant on the North road worth trying? Ditto the Country Corner Cafe.

                    1. re: Lono37

                      I've heard the Cafe had permit delays. Anyone know anything more?

                      1. re: Scott_R

                        I drove by about 2 weeks ago. Log-cabin-y looking building a bit East of the old place and on the North side of the street. It didn't look ready to open yet. FWIW.

                        1. re: EZ Pass

                          Just an updated note: Country Cafe Corner (in its new location) was renamed Bonnie Jean's, and has been open for white a while. I've been there twice now and have enjoyed it. See:

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                            ... and Bonnie' Jean's is now back to being Country Corner Cafe.

              2. Erik's on Route 48 in Southold!

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                  ... mentioned in my Jan 22, 2010 post. :)