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Dec 5, 2009 05:49 AM

NEED RECS for Charleston at Xmas

Happy Holidays Chowhounds, have read previous posts. Spending a week during Christmas time and looking for some great seafood, dim sum and steak restos. Also need info on street food markets and good grocery and takeout South of Broad area.

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  1. Charleston is one of the most discussed cities on this board. I suggest you do a search and you will find lots of suggestions. Personally, I highly recommend Cru Cafe. Also, I'm no expert, but I'm not aware of any dim sum in C'ton, and if it does exist, I think you'd be better off seeking out the types of food that C'ton does better...seafood, lowcountry, etc.

    Here are a few posts to get you started:


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      Not quite South of Broad, but in the historic district, Caviar and Bananas is a great little gourmet grocery with very good prepared food. I love their truffled mac and cheese.

    2. As far as dim sum goes, you don't have any options here. I've lived here for 4 years now and just discovered a great place on Daniels Island, but they don't focus on dim sum. It's Dragon Palace, check them out online - dim sum is standard fare, their chinese food is excellent but with all the amazing dining here in town, I wouldn't travel 20 minutes to eat there if you're vacationing...

      As far as steaks go you might want to try OAK or Hall's Chophouse. I personally have not eaten at Halls but pass by it everyday as I live around the corner. The gentleman who stands outside is horribly obnoxious so i've been turned off of going, not to mention prices are $$$$. The reviews have been mixed, some really enjoy it, while others had no positives. Also, for a steak you might want to try Cypress. It's one of my favorites in town, prices are more reasonable, but its not a traditional steak house.

      I'd suggest visit FIG and/or McCrady's while you're in town. Both are my all time favorite restaurants with excellent chefs and amazing service. Prices are high but the quality is beyond exceptional.

      As far as markets, you have Queen Street Grocery which is a block up from Broad, and Burbages on Broad, although their selection is extremely limited. Queen street is reliable, prices are a little high. There is a Harris Teeter on East bay that's very close to the market if you have a car. Ted's Butcher Block is the place to go for good meat, cheese, wine, and takeout sandwiches. I go at least once a week.

      Lastly, for street food - well it doesn't really exist except the hot dog stands on George and Glebe street in the middle of the college.

      I love this town :)

      Hall's Chophouse
      Trattoria Lucca

      Queen Street Grocery
      Bull Street Gourmet
      Ted's Butcher Block
      Saffron Bakery

      McCrady's Restaurant
      2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

      1. You might like to go to the farmer's market in Marion Square (Calhoun St. between Meeting and King) - it's on Saturday mornings, from 8 until 2. There veggie sellers and prepared food vendors - crepes, pasta, etc.