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Dec 4, 2009 10:39 PM

OC--Park Ave or Memphis???????

I want to try Park very badly, but Memphis is very close to our ultimate end pick up (kids). I love both of their menus, but don't know which to turn to at this point...Park seems right at "home" (cooking) for me, while Memphis is right along in step....If we a go in a group of 4 (wife and and another couple) which is the spot to hit for great food and drinks? Thanks.

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  1. I love Park Avenue...we have been there several times and have never been disappointed. Yes it is a bit of a hike up Beach Blvd, but If you can make the drive I would definitely go there rather than Memphis. Although the menu may look homey on their website, the actual restaurant is lovely...a very cool, retro vibe that's a bit more sophisticated. Great bar and great food.

    1. I love the Memphis Bar in Costa Mesa, they have a meatloaf stack which features amazing mashed potatoes and it has a real cozy atmosphere. I have chosen it many times because I knew I would get great quality.

      1. Park Avenue. The food's pretty decent at both of them, but the drinks are better at Park Ave. (sorry, Memphis!)