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Dec 4, 2009 08:42 PM

Lotus of Siam CLOSED; Rosemary's FULL--What to eat in VEGAS????

My friend dropped into town today unannounced and I really want to take him to eat some great food.

My first choice was Rosemary's--but they're completely booked for tomorrow night (go figure, it's Saturday night!)

Second choice would have been Lotus of Siam but they're closed until the 23rd for remodeling.

I was starting to consider Marche Bacchus because of the view, but it's winter and we wouldn't sit outside anyway and the menu doesn't seem all that appealing...

I liked Origin India the one time that I went (their Veal was AAAMMMAAAZZIIINNGGG), but overall it doesn't compare to Rosemary's....

I just went to the new Chef's Palate in Henderson last night, it was a good effort, but didn't blow me away...

I've read some mixed reviews of Todd's unique, and their website annoyed the liquid out of me, and it really seems like it's trying too hard to be cool but not really perfecting anything.

I was curious about Mix at THE Hotel, but it seems a bit too expensive and Aureole seems a better value if we were to stay on the strip, and my husband already loves Aureole so we wouldn't go wrong there, the only thing is probably the price.

Can you suggest some place that has amazing food and not too expensive? (less than $100/person after wine/tax/tips)?

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  1. Aureole has a 3-course prix fixe now which is less expensive than Rosemary's.

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      oh funny, the link you provided looks a lot more interesting than the Pre-Theater menu through Mandalay Bay's website, which made me think that if I were to go to Aureole, I'd only get the more expensive menu and not the $50 one. But this gives me hope. We'll probably do Aureole or Raku. I'm not a huge fan of Japanese food, but Raku has such great reviews.

      1. re: kerosundae

        I recommend Vintner Grill...awesome locals place on Charleston in Summerlin. Food is great and it's got a great atmosphere. The prices are really reasonable and they have a 50 under $50 wine list, which really helps cut down on price if you drink wine!

    2. i really wouldn't judge todd's by its website. I prefer it over rosemary's, and think that they do a terrific job with seafood; I also had a fabulous rib eye there recently. The only thing I haven't liked is the meatloaf. It's a substantially better value than Aureole from my point of view (although aureole is beautiful).
      Vintner Grill is also a great recommendation.
      You can eat outside at Marche Bacchus year round, I believe; I think that they have heaters, and tents, in the winter.

      1. FWIW, they use heat lamps at Marche Bacchus and drop down side curtains in the winter which makes it very cozy. And I love the new menu.

        1. Check out for coupons for Mandalay Bay restaurants. Make sure you read the requirements (but if there are three of you dining, it shouldn't be a problem!)

          Using a $50 off coupon might make Mix more affordable?

          1. Since you liked Origin India, try Namaste (right next to Lotus of Siam). Every meal I've had there has been nothing short of spectacular. And it's well under your $100pp budget!