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Dec 4, 2009 07:25 PM

In Maui (Lahaina area) and want to eat without bankrupting my family!

Hey everyone:

Ben from Roanoke here (hence the board tag!) I'm in Lahaina for ten days with my wife, my dad, and his wife. We are looking for dinner options that won't end up costing us $40-$50 a meal (we are going to end up hitting Lahaina Grill for one meal, and potentially either Merriman's or Mala for another, but those are going to be our "big meals out"). Basically, we are looking for suggestions that are a "step down" from the super-high end places up here -

1) Local places that would be around the level of Outback in quality and price
2) Places that are a step above the Okazuya and Deli

So far, the places I've found are:

Hula Grill
Plantation House (for breakfast)
Honolua General Store (Lunch)
Foodland (For making dinner at our own condo a couple of nights)

We'd like to keep mainly in the Lahaina area (we'd go as far south as Olowalu, and as far North as Kapalua) and any suggestions that would make me a rock star with my family would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

- Ben

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  1. Lahaina Farms Market (owned by Foodland) and Maui Prime (just around the corner) are the best (upscale) places to buy gourmet food for your condo. Times Mkt has Sterling Silver Meats which are very good.
    The restaurants aren't mind blowing in Maui overall so cooking at home is recommended.
    Cilantro Grill is pretty good for decent Mex and Roast Chicken plus it's BYOB, a rarity in Maui.
    I'0 and Mala are good.

    1. Lots of places have happy hour or sunset/early bird dinner like Sansei, Kobe Steak House, Westin Maui and Leilani's.
      For breakfast add the Gazebo on Napili bay for good cheap breakfast but the wait is long but goes the Plantation house for breakfast and that is a bargain considering the price, view and location at Kapalua.
      Outback in Kahana has a great happy hour in the bar with super cheap half off prices..since you mentioned them..double check to see if that has changed..its been a couple of years.
      We always hit up the Costco across from the airport and this by far is a huge money saver..we get our cocktails items for lounging at the pool and patio, breakfast stuff and snacks...they have great seafood items for grilling.
      Aloha Ben!

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Outback is no longer in Kanaha. It is now just south of Kaanapali.

      2. the poke at foodland or times was good and cheap

        the korean chicken at da kitchen in the wharf was great. they also had deep-fried spam misubi:

        aloha mixed plate was highly recommended. their shoyu chicken and furikake garlic fries were interesting and good as well: