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Dec 4, 2009 07:20 PM

Pork Rillettes: Les Halles Recipe

Hello all-

I am taking the plunge tomorrow, and making pork rillettes. I am following the recipe from the Les Halles cookbook.

Anyone tried this recipe? Pointers?

It seems fairly basic: Chop the meat, season it, and slow cook it in water.

I'd love any input- I love the dish, but have never made it before.


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  1. Hi Steven, any luck? I am looking for a good pork rillettes recipe for a wine tasting I am going to..I'd love to hear your feedback on the Les Halles recipe

    1. Question:

      Bourdain says to top the shredded meat with pork fat and refrigerated for 3 days, then scoop out and serve. Scoop out the meat and pork fat and mix? Or lift the pork fat and just the meat?

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      1. re: schoenfelderp

        I remove the fat cap and discard or save the fat for another use. The shredded pork itself should contain plenty of fat, assuming you're using pork butt or shoulder and stirring in pork fat after shredding. Some recipes use only shoulder; the Les Halles recipe doesn't add additional pork fat to the shredded meat, pork belly is used in the mix, and that cut contains plenty of fat.

        The layer of fat over the pork serves to preserve the meat.

        Here's an older thread with some troubleshooting ideas, just in case: