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Why is it Not Safe to Eat Musy Onions?

Does anyone know Why? Will I die if I eat musy or something?

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  1. What are you talking about? I have no idea what a musy onion is.

    1. What are musy onions? I've never heard of them.

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        I thought it was a spelling mistake but I just found this link when you also posted a similar quesiton http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6670...

        I guess if it is mushy or musty I really don't know anything about a Musy onion...

      2. Ok, I don't know why people give all these strange advices...

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          Maybe the strange spelling of the question. And frankly, I'm not sure how you keep your onions in the fridge for one week and they get 'musy'. Maybe your fridge is broken.

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            We just can't figure out what a musy onion is. When I did a yahoo search, know what came up? Yup... these posts.

            If you can describe what the problem is we can help you. Is it a type of onion? Did your onions grow mold? Are they soft?

          2. Musty onions?
            Mushy onions?
            Mousy onions?
            Musky onions?
            Mossy onions?

            1. Without being too presumptive, or too inventive, no pun here, I think the OP means mushy,
              And we all know what to do with those.
              It's unfortunate that the OP has not responsed, aside to say that he/she has received strange advices (sic) to solve our musy dilemma.

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                the mushy mossy musty onion was messy. we threw it out

              2. Thi may be

                1) a typo

                2) prompted by a silly passalong email that has made the rounds for the last few years about leftover cut onions not being safe to eat because of bacterial contamination on the cut surfaces. The first line or two says "this is true! I looked on Snopes!"

                a check of Snopes reveals a very isolated study from which it is hard to draw any real conclusions, if I read it correctly. Cut surfaces (more moisture) do carry more ambient bacteria than uncut surfaces, but nothing to worry about.

                I think this is what the OP was referring to. Personally I think the email was a hoax dreamed up by the Onion Council to stimulate onion futures. Do onions have Futures??