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Dec 4, 2009 05:10 PM

Healthy Options

Live downtown and love to go out to eat. Need healthy choices so looking for recommendations. As far West as High Park, North to Lawrence and East to Beaches and I live in St.Lawrence neighbourhood. Thanks!

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  1. What's your definition of healthy food? I regard any non-oil-laden preparations of fish and shellfish as healthy, particularly raw, such as oysters at Starfish or sushi/sashimi. Many restaurants from various Asian countries and cultures do fine dishes of vegetables with smaller quantities of proteins that are not greasy. I'm always happy to see brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grains, colourful veggies and light soups on menus in various types of restaurants. If you are looking for vegetarian options or macrobiotic menus, you'll have to specify your desires. I have many suggestions, but need some direction to help narrow down the focus. Do you regard olive oil as healthy? That opens up many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Greek options. It is not difficult to find healthy food in such a large city with so many restaurants.

    1. Mocha Mocha at Logan and Danforth serves tasty and healthy food, like a brown rice and beans platter with salad. You can order a this one as a half-portion because their regular sizes are very big.

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        thanks will try soon and report back!

      2. I feel very healthy after eating at the Live Organic Food Bar!

        Live Organic Food Bar
        264 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R1V7, CA