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Tell me about Serendipity

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My cousin is in NYC right now for her 25th bday, and as I mentioned in other thread, DH and I are going next year for our 10th anniv. She had her bday dinner at Serendipity. I didn't have it on my list, didn't really know about it. What's the word there?

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    1. Just avoid it if you care about food.

      1. I went for the first time over the summer for dessert only. I thought it was fine for that. Didn't really like the frozen hot chocolate, but had some really good ice cream (cinnamon, MMM!). But I would NEVER go there for dinner, esp. an occasion dinner. And I wouldn't wait for an hour either.

        If you're in the area and looking for a place for dessert, it's a good option. Otherwise, it's not terribly special.

        1. Blech. Can't imagine a 25 year old having a birthday dinner there. More like 5 year old. Seriously seems quite odd to me.

          1. Lifelong NYer and I have been there exactly once, for a birthday party when I was about 10. Ice cream was good and there was plenty of it, but you can get good ice cream in many places in NYC and not wait on line.
            I have to admit that I looked at their website to see if they even served food.
            If you want to go for a sundae and sit with a lot of tourists, it's fine. But you could do better.

            1. As I posted on the last thread about this - I live in the area and am often tempted to tell the hordes of people I see waiting on the street not to bother. I cannot imagine what they are serving there that is worth waiting hours for. Especially for grown-ups.

              1. I've been there 3 times now. All with friends who were visiting. I'm 27 and I went between the ages of 23-25. I've since wised up and refused ALL invitations to Serendipity. Even if my friends are in town and insist on going. I personally find the host/hostess some of the most unpleasant people in the NY resto scene. The wait is ungodly and the food is just terrible. I could not recommend that place to anyone.

                1. ok, that does it! Off the list, even for a less expensive meal. Thanks everyone ~