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Dec 4, 2009 04:25 PM

Romantic Restaurant near Berlin, Ohio?

My partner & I are staying in Berlin for our anniversary. I see all kinds of Amish homestyle restaurants and we plan to eat at one of them one night. However, for our actual anniversary, we'd like to go someplace a little more romantic. Anything around there?

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  1. Berlin is a very, very small town.

    Wooster is not far away. On the campus of Wooster College is the Wooster Inn, which is a very nice upscale restaurant serving American food (a lot of the staff consists of college students, with their eagerness making up for the fact that they're learning). I'd consider it romantic.

    Two other restaurants in Wooster were recommended to me in another topic, but I have not been to either, so I can't vouch for their food or romanticness:
    Broken Rocks Cafe -
    South Market Bistro -

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      Broken Rocks, good food, good drinks, not romantic as all tables are close together.

      South Market Bistro, probably more romantic than Broken Rocks but still not what I think of as romantic, again good food, a little more upscale than Broken Rocks.

      Olde Jaol ( a steakhouse) and Tj's both would probably be more romantic.

      I've enjoyed meals at all four restaurants.

    2. Sorry can't help with romantic, but if you go to Berlin, make sure you stop at the Coblentz chocolate store. Their candies are excellent, and if by romantic you are looking for chocolates, this is the place!

      1. Holmes county is a dry county and romance isn't a big factor for their restaurants but you might try the Inn at Honey Run for a romantic dinner. I agree with nsxtasy's recommendation of the Wooster Inn or the Bistro. TJ's and the Jaole are also an option.