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Dec 4, 2009 04:12 PM

Switching to whole grain

I have recently switched my family to whole grain everything - bread, rice, pasta, and bakery goods when I can (and I've lost quite a bit of weight from it). Even though this isn't a scratch recipe, I just had to share that today I made the Duncan Hines Whole Grain Triple Chocolate Chunk muffins, and they are AMAZING! I was skeptical, because our favorite streusel topped blueberry muffins went whole grain, and it wasn't quite as good, but these choc muffins are just divine.

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  1. good for you for making the transition to more healthful choice - every little bit helps. i just looked at the information on the Duncan Hines website, and i was pleasantly surprised to see that the first ingredient is whole wheat flour and they use sugar instead of HFCS. if they would just lose the trans fats i'd be able to get behind the product 100%!

    just a note that given the stabilizers & oil that are already in the mix, you could probably get away with cutting back on the added oil and/or egg yolks. if that's something you're open to, try replacing one of the whole eggs with two whites, and/or using Greek yogurt, evaporated milk, mashed banana, applesauce, or prune puree in place of the oil.

    or just keep enjoying them the way you are ;)

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      I avoid HFCS too. I'd rather have a little sugar, even though we're trying to limit that as well, but there's almost no HFCS in my house (I still use regular ketchup b/c I bought organic once, and we use it so seldomly that it went bad in like two weeks; one regular ketchup lasts us like 6 months or more).

    2. I actually have to take back my original post. They were amazing out of the oven, and gross the next morning! Ugh, they tasted like dirt and I threw them out. Back to the drawing board for a yummy whole grain chocolate treat.