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Dec 4, 2009 04:04 PM

Best wine to go with Dungeness crab?

What type of wine goes well with Dungeness crab? Any suggestions welcome (except Chardonnay please!) Also, does anyone know about other ways of eating crab apart from the usual lemon juice/cocktail sauce? I heard in China they eat it with raw ginger and hot ginger tea...

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  1. For Thanksgiving, we always do pinot grigio and savignon blanc from a cooler full of ice and some cold water so it's slushy and the labels are coming off the bottles. It's just so nice with the crab and sourdough and mayo and lemon juice. Yum. The coldness is technically probably killing the flavor profile of the wines a bit, but with the food, it is killer.

    1. Riesling. Preferably German or Alsatian.

      Here's a similar thread:

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        Those are good ones. I have also had some domestic (US) fruit-driven Sauvignon Blancs, and also some dry Chenins, that went very well. Chablis can also pair quite well, but as always, the exact prep might conter things a bit.


      2. It totally depends upon preperation. I trust Maria... frankly, I'm not a huge D. Crab fan, but for Maryland blue crab with butter preperations I like white Graves.

        1. Thanks for your replies. In the end we had 2 bottles - a dry white called Picpoul de Pinet from Launguedoc and a bubbly brut called Tessier Crémant de Loire which was our favourite, it was sweeter than the first wine and complemented the crab beautifully.

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            we just enjoyed a brut rose cava with our fresh (killed right on our stove top) crabs--the Spanish consume immense quantities of fresh seafoods and probably know the routine well.

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              apropos of that observation, I'll add a suggestion for a white txakolina

          2. no rec's for NV Blanc de blanc?

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              Bubbles and Graves would be fine. The Picpoul also seems workable.

              1. re: maria lorraine

                I'd wonder whether the Picpoul was too linear? I like the idea of white Bordeaux and German riesling. I've done S. African chenin --Ken Forrester's FMC-- w/ Dungeness, and it was pretty rockin, although maybe a touch on the rich side.