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Dec 4, 2009 03:37 PM

Grace Garden will be open for Christmas

I didn't want this to get buried in the long GG post here: but wanted to let people who traditionally eat Chinese food on Xmas know that Grace Garden will, indeed, be open, at least in the evening. (It seems to be that they were unsure about being open for lunch. So, you might want to call first.)

As their sole diner for a late lunch today, I got to try something new that they're adding to their menu. Some people may also have had this dish, tentatively called Crispy Shrimp in XO sauce. Basically, it's these fried shrimp cruller things, that sort of look like longish tater tots, with chive blossoms and Chef's amazing sauce. This dish is definitely something that doesn't really work for carryout (I just tried, reheating the crullers in the toaster oven while heating the rest of the dish on the stove) so make sure that you order it with hungry dining companions.

All in all, yet another thinking about it later will make you drool dish from the kitchen of Chef Li.

Finally, when I was there, they were decorating the place for Christmas, so it's even warmer feeling and homier than usual.

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